Become a Fearless, Creative Communicator
with Jay Miller
professional NYC performer & facilitator
JUST SAY IT is a unique & fun group training in English by a professional performer.
So you learn to "JUST SAY IT!" to become a fearless, creative communicator -
to learn English communication & cultural skills vital in a modern, western society in a fun way,
whether it's for your job, travels, or education. 
JUST SAY IT is hosted by Jay Miller (NYC), one of the most talented & creative teachers and group facilitators in the field. Jay combines professionalism with a creative, personal approach; he has taught business English to top executives and groups for over a decade - he is also a professional performance artist in pantomime, a radio DJ, and has organized workshops to bring children together in conflict zones - both in Bosnia and Palestine. 
Every Monday from 7:00 pm - 90 minute intensive training followed by (optional) drinks & getting to know each other!
A cool downtown Budapest bar or restaurant - rotating locations to keep it fun.
24.000.- for 2 months, 16 hour course / 45.000.- for 4 months, 32 hour course
(Come try it out! If you don't love it 100%, the first class is FREE!)
If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call: 
+36 20 995 3649 Adrian Budinszky - Organizer /
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