2015 Green Street Art Market Application
Deadline to Apply:  April 24, 2015


This is your chance to put your products in front of over 295,000 enthusiastic fans at the twenty-fourth year of Lollapalooza, America's premier rock festival. 2015 marks the eleventh year of Chicago being Lollapalooza's home! For three days, Chicago’s Grant Park is transformed into a tour de force of music, art, fun stuff for kids, food, interactivity and community. With more than 130 bands and performers on eight stages, Lollapalooza is one of the mightiest entertainment collectives anywhere.


Green Street is the public face of Lollapalooza's green mission. This is our forum for showing the fans simple yet effective ways to live a life more green and it will include art market vendors, a Rock & Recycle Center (which rewards fans for recycling), a fan tag kiosk (which sells carbon offset tags so patrons can offset their travel to the festival), and other exhibits and nonprofits specializing in the environment. Green Street debuted in 2007 and proved to be an extremely popular and well-attended feature. The area is a specially designed destination with fun, interactive booths and exhibits.  This is the only craft vending area on the grounds and there will be a limited number of about twenty select vendors who specialize in eco-products.

Please note that previous vendors are not guaranteed a spot in 2015.  The exact location of Green Street within the festival grounds is TBD and booth location within the area is solely determined by the festival producers.  

Note:  We strongly prefer to choose vendors who are located in Chicago or the surrounding community. 


Green Street only accepts art market vendors selling eco-friendly, sustainable and/or fair trade products.

Festival Hours:  Fri-Sun, 11am - 10pm

Green Street Hours: Fri-Sun, 11am - 10pm 

Booth Size: 10-ft x 15-ft

Booth Fee: $1,775 ($1,750 vendor fee + $25 Itinerant Merchant License Fee)

Lollapalooza Provides: 10-ft x 15-ft tent (no walls); exterior tent sign; power; and
six (6) vendor passes/day (for working booth staff only).

Selected vendors will receive their booth assignments (specific location of booth in Green Street) and will be assigned time slots for set-up on Thursday, July 30th. C3 Presents will determine exact booth location at its discretion and cannot accommodate special requests for a particular booth location.


Application Deadline: April 24, 2015

Vendor Notifications: 
May 12, 2015

Booth Fees and all completed paperwork due in Full: June 9, 2015


Selected vendors will be required to sign a vendor contract and supply additional paperwork. Complete details will be provided with the notification letter.


Selected vendors are required to have a valid IBT number and are responsible for collecting and paying all appropriate sales and use taxes. For details, call the Illinois Dept. of Revenue at 800-732-8866 or visit http://tax.illinois.gov/

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Do you own or operate a retail store that sells products typical of what would be sold at Lollapalooza?
Click "YES" or "NO" below if your  business is certified through the City of Chicago as a Chicago's Minority or Women-owned Business (M/WBE).  For additional information, contact the Department of Procurement Services at City Hall, Room 401; 312-744-4900.



Product Guidelines and Limitations


  • A selected vendor can only sell those types of items listed on his/her application. Vendors may not sell any additional items outside of their represented product line without prior approval from the C3 Presents production team. This is to ensure a variety of unique products throughout the Green Street Art Market. 


  • If there is a particular item that needs to be excluded from your product line, we will contact you prior to acceptance of your booth fee.


  • Vendors may not sell any item with the Lollapalooza logo.  Additionally, vendors may not sell any item with the name or image of any act playing the Festival. 


  • Vendors may not sell any drug paraphernalia, tobacco products, weapons or studded jewelry of any kind.


  • Green Street Art Market vendors are prohibited from selling, or giving away, any beverages or food items,







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