For its third year, the CounterPoint Music & Arts Festival returns to Kingston Downs, Georgia. Producers of CounterPoint, C3 Presents & MCP Presents, believe that there is more to a great festival experience than the entertainment alone. Quality food will be a key component of this event, and publicized through various outlets. For a true taste of the area, we invite restaurants, food trucks, chefs and more to apply for a booth.
CounterPoint is a camping festival. There will be an area located a short walk from the venue in which patrons will have sectioned off camping grounds. In between these two area will be a Midway which will feature select food and art vendors, a stage, and other attractions. Vending hours in this area will be different from the vendors inside of the venue. Midway vendors will also have the option to be open 24 hours, as patrons can go to and from the campground to the Midway at any time. See below for more information. More details will be provided to interested applicants. 

The deadline to apply is February 10, 2015. 

Vendor Applicant Info: See "Food & Drink" section of the CounterPoint Website for more Food Vendor information.  

If you're interested in joining the food court at this year's festival, fill out the application below and click the "Submit" button.  



Festival Hours / Venue Vending Hours

     Friday, April 25: 3 pm – 2 am

      Saturday, April 26: Noon – 2am

      Sunday, April 27: Noon – 2 am


Midway Vending Hours*

      Thursday, April 24: 4pm – 1am

      Friday, April 25: 10am – 3am

      Saturday, April 26: 10am – 3am

      Sunday, April 27: 10am – 3am

      Monday, April 28: 7am – 11am

*Vendors in the Midway are permitted and encouraged to vend 24 hours/day. 

Both Venue and Midway vending hours are subject to change. You may be contacted for more information upon applying.




Entrée “A” Booth (20' wide x 20' deep):

     $4,500 booth fee (+ $25 permit fee + $400 security deposit) 

Entrée “B” / Dessert / Snack / Beverage Booth (10' wide x 20' deep): 

     $3,000 booth fee (+ $25 permit fee + $400 security deposit)


Entrée “A” Booth (20' wide x 20' deep): 

     $4,000 booth fee (+ $25 permit fee + $400 security deposit)

Entrée “B” / Dessert / Snack / Beverage Booth (10' wide x 20' deep):

     $2,500 booth fee (+ $25 permit fee + $400 security deposit)


Note: Vendors are not permitted to sell bottled water, alcohol, or soft drinks. Vendors may not sell any items other than food, drink, or dessert/snacks that have been preapproved. "Beverages" includes specialty drinks such as smoothies or coffee.


CounterPoint Provides: Tent (no walls), professional booth signage, basic power, service counter, and vendor passes/day.


See CounterPoint Vendor Applicant Info link above for complete details.

* I am applying for (select all of interest):
You may be contacted for more info upon applying. 
* If accepted, will you and your staff plan to camp at CounterPoint?


Select The Type(s) Of Businesses Or Operation You Own:
Selected vendors are required to have a valid GBT number and are responsible for collecting and paying all appropriate sales and use taxes. For details, call the Georgia Dept. of Revenue - Rome at (706) 295-6061 or visit https://etax.dor.ga.gov/.


Almost all communication is via email.  Provide an email address that is checked frequently!


If you own or operate a food truck and are interested in vending at CounterPoint, please fill out the section below. You may be contacted for more information upon applying. Food trucks would fall under the Midway Entrée "B" fee and location. 



* Have you vended at CounterPoint before?
If so, which year(s)?


Please list two references below:
 NameRelationshipPhone Number/Email Address


The main goal of our food courts is to serve our patrons quality menu items by professional, friendly staff. Make sure your menu items can be served in a timely manner.  Critical to efficient turnaround (and more sales!) are points of service. 10' x 20' booths must have a minimum of 3 points of sale and 20' x 20' booth must have a minimum of 6 points of sale during peak hours. All menu items and pricing are subject to approval.


If applying for an Entrée category, type of cuisine (select all that apply):


If applying in the Beverage category, type of beverage (select all that apply):
Note: water, sports drinks, sodas, and alcohol may NOT be sold in the food court. 

Dessert / Snack Category (Note: we are not interested in carnival desserts such as funnel cakes).


All vendors will be limited to a maximum of 4 items.  Please provide a brief description of each item with pricing.  Prices must be in full dollar amounts and are subject to approval. 

If possible, please provide one to three representative photos of the types of food items you will sell, or examples of your booth set up. Please keep file sizes under 1MB for each photo.




* Do your vending operations require use of propane?


Our Creative team designs and produces the signage for all booths, ensuring a unified, professional and visually appealing food court. The booth name (note: no logos or other graphics), the menu item and price are featured on a colorful banner. The simpler, the better.
List your food items and the price (whole dollars only). This is the basis of your banner.
Please note whether any menu items are vegetarian (V), vegan (VG) or gluten-free (GF). 
 Item NamePrice
Item 1.
Item 2.
Item 3.
Item 4.


Food vendors will join the Festival's effort to minimize its impact on the environment.
   No styrofoam or single-use bags allowed;
   Food must be served in eco-friendly products and all cutlery and napkins must also be eco-friendly;
   Drinks must be served in #1 recyclable or compostable cup;
   No "picnic packs" (utensils, salt, pepper in packets);
   No individual condiment packs;
   No toxic cleansers;
   We encourage vendors to use local/organic sources for their ingredients;
   Vending operations must meet festival guidelines (ex: cardboard broken down and stacked for recycling).

Selected vendors will be monitored during the event to ensure eco-friendly operations. 
Vendors are responsible for disposing of all waste in the proper provided bins and overall cleanliness of given area, both during festival hours and during load out. Vendors that do not comply are at risk of their security deposit being deducted. 


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