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Do you have a room that you'd like help furnishing and you'd like help from Copy Cat Chic?
One mock up including a custom design board and all featured product links is $250. An in-scale layout will be included if you send in the rooms dimensions and detailed floor plan, otherwise the layout will be estimated. Any changes, additions, substitutions after the completed design is an additional $50/hr. If you are interested, please fill out the questionaire below and submit your payment using the PayPal button.

Once I receive your form, pictures, layout and payment you will be added to the schedule. Your room design will take about a week and I will contact you with any questions I have through email, otherwise you will receive your completed room design on the slotted date. Please be sure to add any and all information you'd like me to know about a week before your design due date so I can have ample time to incorporate it into the design!

Please don't fill and submit this questionnaire out more than once. Once you've submitted it I've received your answers by email. If you need to submit your payment still, you can send a PayPal payment to my email address: copycatchic ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com. Thank you!


Still not convinced? Click here to see more examples of room designs I've done in the past!
Please email me pictures of the room from every angle so I can get an idea of the layout:

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