Volunteer Team Lead Application

Welcome!  This is a special info and application page set up for returning team leads or applicants for a volunteer team lead position at Lollapalooza. 

Deadline to apply:  May 15, 2015.



Lollapalooza Festival Dates:
July 31 - August 2, 2015


Team Lead Role:  Review the Lollapalooza Team Lead Overview.


Timeline and Recruiting:  We'll be reviewing team lead applications and will contact you for an interview if you are a good match for our program.  Not all team lead applicants are chosen, so please consider applying for a regular volunteer position just in case.  The volunteer application will be posted in mid-May.  

Name and Contact Information


For RETURNING Team Leads

Our history with team leads shows that most team leads want to return in the same role, with obvious benefits of having previous "real-world" experience at the event, thoughts on improving the team and operations, etc.  Please be aware, however, that there might have to be some changes in your assigned team based on your skill set, needs of a team, new team configurations, and perhaps to add a fresh voice and approach to another team.
For Returning Festival Team Leads
I worked as a team lead for:

For NEW Team Leads

If you are applying to be lead a team for the first time, read the team lead overview (see above link) carefully.  It's an exciting, challenging, fulfilling, and, yes, exhausting role.  If you are looking for more job experience to add to your resume,  your experience as a team lead can be helpful. 
Have you been selected as a volunteer at Lollapalooza in Grant Park before?
Have you attended Lollapalooza in Grant Park before?
What most qualifies you to be a team lead (select all that apply)

Resume / Photo / Other Attachment

For NEW team lead applicants, pleaseattach your resume to this form so we can learn more about you through your work experience, interests, activities, community service, etc. 
Photo: Your photo (typically a head shot) will be used part of an information packet for hired team leads. 




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If you do have immediate questions, send an email to volunteer@lollapalooza.com. 

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