SAIS Value Narrative Survey Registration Form

  • Please complete this form to register for SAIS Value Narrative Survey.

  • THE SURVEY HELP DOCUMENT is here: and it provides definitions and help to fill out this form. Reading this document will answer most of the common questions about the surveys. A complete live sample of the survey is available by clicking here.

  • After you submit this form, you will receive a confirmation email that includes the information you provided and links to the help files included on this page.

  • SAIS reserves the right to postpone or cancel your survey if this completed form is not received at least ten (10) days prior to your requested deployment date. 

  • Please refer to for information. 

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Is your school a member of SAIS? *
What grade levels does your school serve? *

If the survey coordinator is not the head of school, please complete the following. In that case, the survey results will be sent to both the survey coordinator and the head of school.


Is your school a member of SAIS? *
Which surveys would you like to administer? UNCHECK the ones you do not want. Note that SAIS recommends administering all surveys if you are able to do so.  *

Number of stakeholders: For each stakeholder group you are delivering the survey to, give us your best estimate of how many emails we should expect for each group. 
* Most schools do not ask to have the survey administered to Parents of Alumni 
Do you need a web link for one or more groups? For example, if you don't have student email addresses or if your firewall will not allow an outside email to get through, we can provide you with a web link to the survey to use. Refer to the survey help document for firewall and IP address tips. *

DEPLOYMENT INFORMATION: Note that the deployment schedule is designed to increase response rates. Please follow the deployment schedule and make sure you send out your notifications before the survey launches and midway through.

SAIS has created several sample notes you can use to send to stakeholders at the initial notificaiton, your reminder, and a thank you note. The sample notes are included in the survey help document listed above. 

You will receive your compiled report about ten (10) days after the survey closes. 


Without your email addresses, we can't do anything! We need them in an Excel spreadsheet with three columns:
Column 1: email address
Coumnn 2: salutation (name you want us to use to address the stakeholder - Bob, Mr. Smith, Parent)
Column 3: stakeholder group (Parent, Student, Faculty/Staff, Trustee, Alumni/ae, Parent of Alum)
You can put the stakeholders into the same worksheet or separate tabs within a worksheet. We only want to receive ONE file.  

For parent surveys: Some schools choose to provide one email per household. If your database doesn't have a primary email address, then please make your best guess which one per household to send to us (typically, the mother's email address will yield a higher response rate). In the case of multiple household families, please use your own best judgment on how to proceed. NOTE THAT you are welcome to send us multiple household parent email addresses (mom, dad, parent 1, parent 2, etc) if you feel you need to do so. This sometimes prevents people from feeling like they weren't asked to participate. Please also note that you should only give us one per person.

There may be individuals who fall into more than one stakeholder group. You should put them into only one stakeholder group for the purposes of the survey, and be sure to choose the group that has the smallest number of members. For example, a faculty member who is also a parent should be listed in the faculty group (if the spouse/other parent is not a faculty member, then they can be in the parent group). The tri-fecta is an alum who is also a current parent who is also on your board. In that case, the smallest group is the trustee group and they should be listed as such. The demographic questions allow the respondent to note that they are part of multiple groups and several of the disaggregated reports you receive will indicate this (for example, you will receive a sub report of faculty members with students enrolled in the school). 
REMOVE DUPLICATES FROM YOUR LIST! Here is how to reveal duplicates in most versions of Excel:
  1. Select the range of cells you wish to test
  2. On Excel's Home tab, choose Conditional Formatting, Highlight Cells Rules, and then Duplicate Values.
  3. Click OK within the Duplicate Values dialog box to identify the duplicate values.
  4. Duplicate values in the list will now be identified.


SAIS can add a limited number of additional questions to the end of your survey. Note that the majority of schools choose not to add any additional questions. If you request to add some, these will be placed at the end of the SAIS survey. The report you receive will include the responses to your data but will typically ONLY be disaggregated by stakeholder group (more than that level of disaggregation will incur extra costs). If needed, we can work with you on developing additional questions.

Refer to the survey help document for examples and more information. 

Do you want to add optional additional questions to the survey? *


At the end of the survey, respondents are redirected to a page of your choosing - most schools direct respondents to their school's web page or a custom thank you page. Click here for an example.
By checking below you are certifying that you are authorized to commit your school to the use the SAIS survey instruments. You are acknowledging that the data received by SAIS through the surveys is confidential and that no identifying data will be shared with you. Data will also not be shared with a third party without your specific permission - and even then, no identifying data will be shared. You also acknowledge that the SAIS Survey instruments, the protocols, the questions, and the reporting mechanisms are the intellectual property of SAIS and will not be replicated by the school or its agents nor will it be shared with those not authorized by the school or by SAIS. Finally, you acknowledge that SAIS will use the survey results to conduct research or authorize others to conduct research and studies and may from time to time publish research.
SAIS reserves the right to postpone or cancel your survey if this completed form is not received at least ten (10) days prior to your requested delpoyment date.
Certification and Authorization *
Opt out 1: From time to time, SAIS has questions or surveys in pilot phases. Additional questions may be added to your survey that have no impact on the results of the SAIS Value Narrative Survey. You are automatically opted in unless you click below to opt out. *We are currently administering a survey to measure student and faculty culture and the three pillars of self-determination theory: autonomy, belongingness, and competence. These questions are AFTER the main survey has been completed and you receive a separate report for this portion. This is especially useful in more deeply understanding the important relationship between faculty and students. And if none of that convinced you to do this, note that this add-on is currently offered at no charge - it won't always be!
Opt out 2: SAIS lists the names of schools that have participated in the survey on the survey center web page. If you do not want your school's name, city and state listed (and just that - no information about your results will be shared) use the opt out button below.