Application for a replacement testamur
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A testamur, also known as a 'parchment', is the authorised document certifying that your qualification has been conferred.  A testamur contains the name of higher education provider (Adelaide Central School of Art), the name of the qualification conferred, your legal name, the date of issue, and the name and office of the persons authorised to issue the testamur.
All graduates receive a testamur when their award is conferred. If your original testamur is lost, destroyed or damaged, you can apply for a replacement testamur by completing this form.
Damaged testamurs
If you wish to replace a damaged testamur, you will need to submit your original testamur to Administration prior to the order being processed.
Lost or destroyed testamurs
If your testamur has been lost or destroyed, you will need to complete a Commonwealth of Australia Statutory Declaration detailing the circumstances in which this occurred. The original hard copy Statutory Declaration must be submitted to Administration.
Your order will be processed once we have received:
1. Application for replacement testamur (by completing this form), and
2. Your original damaged testamur OR original hard copy of a Commonwealth of Australia Statutory Declaration detailing how the original testamur was lost or destroyed. 
As of 1 Janaury 2022 replacement testamurs will cost $75 .
Replacement testamurs will be ordered and issued at the time of the annual Graduation Ceremony (usually July), but can be requested out of cycle.

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