Atelier Program | Semester 1 - 2020

Our Atelier Program is comprised of a series of semester-long courses for artists looking to extend their skills in a particular discipline. These specialist courses focus on the art of visual representation, developing traditional techniques to support contemporary practice. Participants benefit from small class sizes and one-on-one interaction with senior artists/lecturers in a creative and collegiate studio atmosphere.

Please note Atelier courses are designed for participants with previous experience. To check your suitability call 08 8299 7300. 

Beginning Wednesday 12 February 2020

Atelier Courses 🛈
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Portrait Painting for Artists | Daryl Austin 

Wed12 Feb – Wed 27 May 6pm – 9.30pm | 14 weeks

This course is for artists looking to extend their portrait painting experience under the guidance of an established portraitist. Participants will work on paintings of life models as well as a self-directed portrait project using their own photographs, painted studies and drawings.

Participants will develop skills used in portrait painting such as, skin colour, form and structure, lighting, working from studies and paint application. A variety of painting styles will be discussed throughout the course and participants will be encouraged to develop and extend their own individual approach to portraiture.

Previous painting experience is essential.


Oil paints: Titanium White, Cadmium Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Cadmium Red Light, Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Blue, Pthalo Blue, Raw Umber, Ivory Black

Surfaces: canvas paper pad (pref Canson) A3 or A2 single sheets; canvas boards (2) 20 x 16 inch

Brushes: range of hog hair brushes (various sizes), palette knife.

Mediums: cold-pressed or refined linseed oil. Odourless Low toxic solvent.

Palette: wood or disposable paper A4or A3.

A2 Cartridge Paper Willow charcoal, kneadable eraser, rags, sketchbook and pencils, paint shirt/apron.

Daryl Austin has worked as a painter and educator for the past 30 years. He has held numerous exhibitions throughout Australia and works primarily from Adelaide. He has been a finalist in The Doug Moran National Portrait Prize, The Black Swan Art Prize, the Salon Des Refuses in conjunction with the Archibald Prize and was most recently awarded the Heysen Prize in 2018. He is a senior lecturer in painting at Adelaide Central School of Art where he has taught since 2000. He is represented by Gagprojects/Greenaway Art Gallery in Adelaide.

Open Studio - Oil Painting | Deidre But-Husaim 

Thu 13 Feb – Thu 28 May 6pm – 9.30pm | 14 weeks

This course will give participants the opportunity to develop their painting practice in a supportive and friendly environment. Participants will work independently with guidance from Deidre But-Husaim.

The emphasis will be on developing participants’ own individual work and concepts, whilst improving technique and studio practice. Participants may choose to work on an uncompleted painting, start a new larger work, or begin a group of studies.

Open Studio - Oil Painting is intended for artists who may struggle with the isolation of working on their own, for recent graduates to get some direction with their work, and for those who simply wish to advance their painting practice. It is a valuable chance for like-minded artists to learn from, support and encourage each other, under the direction of an experienced painter and lecturer.

Previous painting experience is essential.


Please bring oil painting materials appropriate to the work you will be making in the Open Studio.

Deidre But-Husaim has been a finalist in numerous major Australian art prizes including the Sulman Prize, Archibald Prize and the Portia Geach Award. In 2016 she won the acquisitive Kennedy Art prize and in 2014 Deidre was selected for the Guildhouse Collections Project at the Art Gallery of South Australia. In 2013 she was the inaugural winner of the Tatiara Art Prize and won the People’s Choice in the Whyalla Art Prize. Her work has been in major exhibitions and is held in Artbank and in private collections. 


Figure Drawing for Artists  | Andrew Clarke 

Thu 13 Feb – Thu 28 May 6pm – 9.30pm | 14 weeks

This semester-long course is for experienced artists who want to deepen their working knowledge of the human figure. Artist Andrew Clarke will guide participants through foundational exercises which synthesise anatomical knowledge with life drawing practices. The course will be taught using visual references, anatomical props and life models. Participants will learn to identify and visually represent aspect of the human figure and apply this understanding to the development of their own work.

Previous drawing experience is essential.

• A3 Sketchbook, A1 cartridge papewr 15 sheets, A1 newsprint paper 10 sheets, mid-grey Canson paper 4 sheets, A3 tracing paper 1 sheet  

• Selection of pencils (eg 2B, 4B, 6B), willow and compressed charcoals, Conte 1 each white, red and black

• Blade of sharpener, white plastic eraser, kneadable eraser, masking tape

• Couloured pencils 3 in a range of colours

• Red fine tip marker

Additional materials/surfaces may be required during the course

Andrew Clarke completed a Bachelor of Visual Art at Adelaide Central School of Art in 2015. His large scale figurative works reinvestigate the historical phenomenon of the ‘Grand Narrative’ in painting. Andrew recently had a solo exhibition at Hill Smith Gallery in Adelaide and has been a finalist in several major prizes including the Sunshine Coast Art Prize and Doug Moran National Portrait Prize. He works out of Floating Goose Studios Inc which he co-founded in 2014.

Light, Colour & Form | Louise Feneley 

Sat 15 Feb – Sat 30 May 9.30am – 1.30pm | 12 weeks

(No classes held 7 Mar, 11 - 25 Apr and 9 May)

This ongoing studio-based course is for experienced oil painters who want to deepen their understanding of the development of painting in relationship to light, colour, tonal structure, composition, etc. It is a studio course, held over two terms. 

Through observation, curiosity and the practice of direct and indirect painting, participants will undertake tasks to extend perception, and gain knowledge, experience and insight into effective visual representation. These exercises will explore a range of subjects, from still life, to photo references, to portraiture, and will investigate elements of painting in relation to the visible world. 

This course includes demonstrations and discussion.

Previous painting experience is essential.

• Oil paints: Please bring your existing set of oil paints (additional materials will be discussed in the first class)

• Canvas paper pad (pref Canson) A3 or A2 single sheets; board, clips

• Brushes: a range of hog hair filberts and rounds (various sizes), fan brush, palette knife

• Mediums: cold-pressed or refined linseed oil.  No solvents or odorous mediums 

• Palette: smooth & flat

• Willow charcoal, rags or paper towels, brush stand, journal and pen or pencil, paint shirt/apron

Louise Feneley has a Bachelor of Fine Art (Painting) from the South Australian School of Art and a Bachelor of Visual Art with Honours from Adelaide Central School of Art. She has been a finalist in the Sulman Prize, Blake Prize, Doug Moran National Portrait Prize, Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize, Portia Geach Award and Fleurieu Art Prize among others, receiving four People’s Choice Awards. Louise's work is held in collections in Australia and overseas.
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