2019 Voodoo Marketplace Vendor Application


Returning for its 21st year in City Park, The Voodoo Music + Arts Experience is 3 days of music, food, art, and more. 
The Voodoo Marketplace is a world class art and crafts marketplace. Artists and crafts vendors will showcase a unique selection of handcrafted treasures representing world art, culture and traditions. This festival set in New Orleans's beautiful City Park is expected to draw 50,000 fans each day.  

If you're interested in joining the Marketplace at this year's Festival, fill out the application below and click the "Submit" button.
The deadline to apply is July 31, 2019. 
Note: This is a $100 nonrefundable application fee. Application fee will be applied to your booth fee should you be accepted as a vendor. If $100 application fee is not received by August 7th, your application will not be considered. $100 application fee payable by check made out to: Voodoo Music Experience, LLC. Include business name on check, and send to the below address:
C3 Presents
Attn: Dustin Sansing
1645 E. 6th St., Suite 150
Austin, TX 78702


Application Live: June 24


Application Deadline: July 31


Accept/Decline Notifications Sent: Mid-August 


Payment/Paperwork Due: September 6


Vendor Website Announcement: October 8


Vendor Load In: October 24


Voodoo Music + Arts Experience: October 25 - 27 


Booth Pricing & Information

New Orleans or LA Tax-Exempt Artist: $2,000 ($1,500 fee + $500 refundable deposit) + 5% Of Net Revenue* Over $8,000 
All Other Artists: $2,250 ($1,750 fee + $500 refundable deposit) + 5% Of Net Revenue* Over $8,000 

*net revenue equals gross revenue minus all tips, 10% sales tax, and 4.5% POS tablet processing fees

Festival Vending Hours: 12pm - 11pm (Friday + Saturday) and 12pm - 9pm (Sunday)

Voodoo Provides:
10' x 10' tent with 4 sidewalls included; 1 POS tablet (accepts cash, credit, debit and RFID); exterior tent sign; basic power; 1 parking pass; and 2 vendor passes/day (for working booth staff only).
Cashless POS Tablet: The Voodoo Cashless program returns in 2018, and will be implemented into the Marketplace. The past year of the program saw tremendous results – close to half of attendees registered for cashless, and half of sales were paid in cashless on average. Voodoo will provide each vendor one tablet per booth. The tablet rental is included in the booth fee; additional tablets must be ordered in advance and will incur a rental fee of $60 per tablet per day.
Vendors are required to settle a 4.5% processing fee on digital revenue (credit, debit, RFID).
All transactions must be logged through the provided tablet. Other credit card readers are prohibited. Final details will be provided to accepted vendors.
I am applying for: *

Vendor Information

Do you own or operate a retail store that sells products typical of what would be sold at Voodoo Music + Arts Experience?

If so:

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Have you been a vendor at Voodoo before? If so, which year(s)? *

Products & Pricing

Product Guidelines & Limitations:

  • A selected vendor can only sell those types of items listed on his/her application. Vendors may not sell any additional items outside of their represented product line without prior approval from the C3 Presents production team. This is to ensure a variety of unique products throughout the Marketplace.
  • All work must be an original design, produced by hand and created by the artist/craftsperson displaying the work. No commerically made or mass-produced items. Reused/recycled art must be significantly altered to be considered original. Vendors will be limited to artisans who produce predominantly one­-of­-a-­kind and limited ­edition works. All work on exhibit and for sale must accurately represent work portrayed in the images submitted on this application.
  • Vendors may not sell any item with Voodoo Music + Arts Experience logos or images. Additionally, vendors may not sell any item with the name or image of any act playing the festival. 
  • Vendors may not sell any drug paraphernalia, tobacco products, weapons, studded jewelry, apparel, tattoos, or body products of any kind.
  • Vendors may not provide servcies such as psychic readings, massage, or other body services.
  • Vendors are prohibited from selling, or giving away, any beverages or food items. 
  • All items and displays are subject to approval by the Marketplace Director.

Vending Experience

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