2020 Lollapalooza Chow Town Food Vendor Application

Chicago, Illinois   |   Grant Park   |   July 30 - August 2, 2020

Deadline to Apply: May 31, 2020


2020 marks the 29th birthday of Lollapalooza and the 16th year of Chicago being our home! The festival will continue to span over 4 days: Thursday, July 30th - Sunday, August 2nd. Lollapalooza draws over 100,000 patrons per day.

The Lollapalooza food court, named Chow Town, features a wide selection of delectable menu items with an emphasis on the best from local Chicago restaurants set in Chicago's beautiful Grant Park. 

If you're interested in joining the food court at this year's festival, fill out the application below and click the "Submit" button.  

The deadline for applications to be submitted is May 8, 2020.
See HERE for the insurance requirements.


Application Launch: March 9
Application Deadline: May 31

All Applicants Notified Of Their Status: June 1
Paperwork Deadline: June 18
Chow Town Vendor Public Announcement: June 24
Note: all dates subject to change


Fee Overview:
Lollapalooza Chow Town fee is 25% of a vendor's net revenue. Three factors are not included in assigning a vendor’s net revenue: tips (cash, credit, debit, RFID), 4.5% processing fee for all digital transactions (credit, debit, RFID) as set by Festival POS tablet partners, and 10.25% local sales tax. The 25% revenue share will be collected post-festival via the Festival POS tablet funds transfer. No flat fee is required prior to the Festival. 
Booth Categories & Pricing:

Entrée: 20’ x 20’, No Flat Fee, 25% Net Revenue Share* 

Dessert / Snack / Beverage: 10’ x 20’, No Flat Fee, 25% Net Revenue Share* 

*net revenue excludes tips, processing fees, and local sales tax                                       

Lollapalooza Provides: 
Tent, booth signage, base power, service counter and facade, refrigerated and freezer trailers, staff passes, handwashing stations, grease and grey water collection units, vendor only restrooms, and 4 point of sale tablets per 10 feet of booth frontage. 
*extra power or tablet requests incur a fee. Selected vendors will receive further details.
Note: Location of booth(s) is solely determined by C3 Presents and returning vendors are not guaranteed acceptance into Lollapalooza 2020 or placement in the same location as previous year(s).

I Am Applying For The Following Booth: *
In Addition To Chow Town, Are You Interested In Operating In One Of The Below Areas At Lollapalooza?
Note: Only booth operations allowed in these areas.


Is your business certified through the City of Chicago as a Minority and/or Women Owned Business (MBE/WBE)? *

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Have you ever been selected as a vendor for Lollapalooza in Chicago? *
If so, which year(s)?


The main goal of our food court is to serve our patrons quality menu items by professional and friendly staff, with wait times kept to a minimum. Make sure your menu selections can be served in a timely manner. 
Critical to efficient turnaround (and more sales!) are points of service. 20' x 20' booths must have 6-8 points of sale. 10' x 20' booths must have 3-4 points of sale.
All vendors are limited to a minimum of 2 items and a maximum of 4 items. Prices need to be in whole dollar amounts and inclusive of tax. The price on the sign is the price the patron pays. Items and prices are subject to approval. 
Vendors are not allowed to sell bottled water, alcohol, soft drinks, or any non-food/beverage merchandise through their booth. Original recipe beverages are allowed, if there is no sponsorship conflict. Items will be dealt with on a vendor-to-vendor basis. 
The booth name, booth logo, menu items, descriptions, and prices are featured on a colorful 10' wide sign. The simpler the description, the better. 
Label any vegan (V), vegetarian (VGT), and/or gluten-free (GF) items with the given icons.
List your food items and the price (whole dollars only).
 Item NamePrice
Item 1.
Item 2.
Item 3.
Item 4.


Food vendors are required to join the effort to minimize the Festival's impact on the environment. 
   All food court products must be served in compostable or recyclable products
   No styrofoam or single-use bags allowed
   All cutlery must also be compostable or recyclable
   Drinks must be served in a compostable cup
   No "picnic packs" (utensils, salt, pepper in packets)
   No individual condiment packs
   No toxic cleansers
   We encourage vendors to source product and supplies locally

Selected vendors will be monitored during the event to ensure eco-friendly operations. 


Lollapalooza hosts 600-800 members of the press each year in our Press Lounge where they interview artists, file their stories and gear up for the next show. They’re working long days, and we try to take care of them by providing drinks, snacks, happy hour, and daily lunch and dinner. This is a great opportunity for our vendors to showcase their products directly to press and artists. If you’re interested in providing product for the Press Lounge, please select "yes" below, and someone from our Lollapalooza Marketing team may contact you.
Please select one: *


Click once on the submit button.  Be patient, it may take a minute to save your application.  You will automatically see a "Success" message when your form is submitted.