2019 Voodoo Forked Up Food Vendor Application


Returning for its 21st year in City Park, The Voodoo Music + Arts Experience is 3 days of music, food, art, and more.
The Voodoo Music + Arts Experience Forked Up Food Court features a wide selection of delectable menu items with an emphasis on the best from New Orleans' favorites. This festival set in New Orleans's beautiful City Park is expected to draw 50,000 fans each day.  

If you're interested in joining the food court at this year's Festival, fill out the application below and click the "Submit" button.  

The deadline to apply is July 12, 2019. 

Note:  We choose vendors from New Orleans and surrounding areas. Vendors who were previously selected are not guaranteed placement. Location of booth is at the discretion of the festival producers.

See HERE for the insurance requirements.

Vendor Timeline

Application Live: June 7

Application Deadline: July 12

Accept/Decline Notifications Sent: July 19

Paperwork/Payment Due: September 6

Vendor Website Announcement: October 8

Booth Specifics

In addition to a flat fee, Voodoo will take 10% of a vendor's net revenue over $30,000. Three factors are not included in assigning a vendor’s net revenue: tips (cash, credit, debit, RFID), the 4.5% processing fee for all digital transactions (credit, debit, RFID) as set by Festival POS tablet partners, and the 10% local sales tax. If applicable, the 10% revenue share will be collected post-festival via the Festival POS tablet funds transfer.  
Booth Pricing
$3,000 booth fee + $500 refundable security deposit + $50 health permit fee (if applicable) + 10% Of Net Revenue* Over $30,000**

*net revenue equals gross revenue minus all tips, 10% sales tax, and 4.5% POS tablet processing fees

**revenue share is only initiated if vendor's net revenue for the Festival is over $30,000, and only the overage will be hit with the revenue share percentage

Voodoo Provides 
Tent (10' wide x 20' deep), booth signage, base booth power, service counter and facade, refrigerated trailer storage, handwashing stations, grease and grey water collection units, vendor only restrooms, staff passes, and 3 point of sale tablets.
*Extra power requests incur a fee. Selected vendors will receive detailed information.
I am applying for the following operation: *

Company Information

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Occupational License

Do you currently possess a 2019 Occupational License with the City Of New Orleans? *

Event Experience

Have you been a food vendor at Voodoo Music + Arts Experience before? *
If yes, which year(s)?

Menu Items

The main goal of our food court is to serve our patrons quality menu items by professional, friendly staff with wait times kept to a minimum. Make sure your menu selections can be served in a timely manner. 
Critical to efficient turnaround (and more sales!) are points of service. During peak times, booths must have 3 points of sale.
All vendors will be limited to a maximum of 4 items. Prices need to be in whole dollar amounts, inclusive of tax, and are subject to approval. 
Vendors are not allowed to sell bottled water, energy drinks, alcohol, or soft drinks. Vendors may not sell any merchandise including but not limited to: shirts, hats, bandanas, etc.
The booth name, menu items, and prices are featured on a colorful banner. The simpler the description while still conveying what the item is, the better. 
Label any vegan (V), vegetarian (VGT), and gluten-free (GF) items, with the given icons after the item.
Lastly, Voodoo is partnering with Eat Fit NOLA this year. Eat Fit NOLA is a nonprofit designed to help the community live their healthiest, strongest lives possible. Eat Fit dietitians work closely with restaurants, markets and other foodservice establishments to identify and develop dishes that meet the Eat Fit nutritional criteria. These items are identified directly on the menu with the Eat Fit seal of approval, making the healthy choice the easy choice when dining out + traveling. Please consider the below guidelines when submitting your menu items. More information will be relayed to selected vendors. 
  • STARCH | No white starches (e.g. white rice, pasta, potatoes, orzo, risotto, etc)
  • SUGAR | Less than teaspoon added sugar (e.g. honey, agave) 
  • SODIUM | Moderate, but not “low” and certainly not “no”
  • PROTEINS | Leaner cuts of beef, pork, lamb etc., can fit.  Dark or white chicken. All seafood. 
List your food items and the price (whole dollars only):
 Item NamePrice
Item 1.
Item 2.
Item 3.
Item 4.

Environmental Efforts

Voodoo Music + Arts Experience is working to improve its ecological impact. All selected vendors must join us in this goal.
  • Styrofoam of any kind is prohibited
  • Single-use bags are prohibited
  • All services materials must be recyclable
  • Limit the need for cutlery – focus on foods that can be consumed without utensils
  • Individual packets (utensils, salt, pepper, condiments, etc.) are not allowed
  • Condiments are to be in “pump” style dispensers
  • Cardboard boxes must be broken down and stacked for recycling
  • Vendors must use non-toxic cleansers
  • We strongly encourage going local for all supplies and food sources

Press Lounge

Voodoo Music + Arts Experience hosts hundreds of members of the press each year in our Press Lounge where they interview artists, file their stories and gear up for the next show. They’re working long days, and we try to take care of them by providing drinks, snacks, happy hour, and daily lunch and dinner. This is a great opportunity for our vendors and sponsors to showcase their products directly to press and artists. 
All selected vendors must provide product (50 items) for the Press Lounge. A representative from the Voodoo Marketing team may contact you.

Questions / Comments

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