Community Care Tasmania

Home Safety Checklist

This form is to be completed at first visit and annually to ensure the safety of the work environment for staff and to promote safety for clients.
Do you feel in anyway unsafe? How do you feel?
Is there something about the property that makes you feel on edge/cautious?
SHOULD YOU FEEL UNSAFE  Do not enter the property. Please  Call Casemanager 03 6334 0990
Do you feel UNSAFE on this property * 🛈


Is the house number clearly visible? 🛈
Is there a safe place to park? 🛈
Is there adequate outdoor lighting? *
Is access to the front and back door clear of obstacles? *
If Access obstacles to front door please describe
Is there a clear exit available in the event of a fire? *
Is there MORE than ONE Fire exit available? * 🛈
Are the steps Safe? *
Are the surface of steps safe? (Not rough) *
Is there a handrail? *
Is the handrail secure to the wall *
Does the client have pets? * 🛈
What type of pets are in the household *
Is the Pet secured away from support worker? * 🛈
Is the yard overgrown?
Report to CM so they can arrange HGM service. *
Are there bushes growing across pathways?
Potential scratch or eye injury. *

Residence - Internal

Is there clutter inside house that makes movement difficult? *
Is it safe & clear to walk through house *
Is it safe & clear to vacuum throughout house? *
Can the client take a walking aid through house clearly *
Are Doorways clear of obstacles *
If doorways have deadlocks Is easy exit available such as Keys are in locks *
Are there any tripping or slipping hazards?
(include mats) e.g Do mats sit flat/have a non-slip backing *
Are there any indoor steps present? *
Are the inside steps safe? (consider height of steps, secure, handrail present, lighting) *
Is there evidence of pest infestation? *
Is the lighting adequate Around the House? *


Are power points easily accessible? *
Do you have to get behind furniture, bend, reach high? *
Are power points or power boards overloaded? *
Are the light switches in good working order? *
Are extension cords or cords to electrical equipment causing a hazard?
(example frayed cords, exposed wiring, washing machine, iron, vacuum, hair dryer etc)
If using and extension cord, place your RCD into the power point then plug the cord into this. *

Domestic Assistance Tasks

Is there an appropriate vacuum cleaner available and
in working order?
(height adjustable, not too heavy, good suction) *
Is there sufficient access to power points to do the vacuuming? *
When cleaning, If dusting is done above shoulder height
is there a suitable duster?
(long handle) *
Is the broom, mop and bucket appropriate for the job? *
Does the client have appropriate cleaning products available
and in original containers?
Labels are clear Advise of approved chemicals
(No Bleach or corrosives) *


Is the shower hand held? *
Is there a separate shower? *
Is the Shower Easily Accessible? *
Is there a shower stool or bath board (for a bath) available? *
Are there handrails? *
Are These handrails easy to reach by client? *
If there is a heater but not fixed to the wall,
can it be removed prior to wash/shower?
Trip hazard, burns risk, fire risk if clothing/towels fall on it *


Can you observe any obvious issues with kitchen appliances?
(including oven, microwave, toaster)
(If it is a gas oven, Is it easy to light, 
Does the microwave have clear instructions.) *

Back Yard

Is the clothesline easy to reach and height adjustable?
(e.g Can you peg out the washing without reaching too high) *
Is there a safe path? *
Is there a suitable clothes basket and trolley?
(How far do you need to carry the load?
Take in multiple loads to reduce the weight.) *


Does the client have mobility limitations that require support
from the carer/support worker?
Refer to CM in case a review and / or mobility aid is required *
Does the client use mobility aids? *
When was the Mobilty Aid last serviced? (brakes, wheels) *
Is the client /carer in the home a smoker?
Advise support workers cannot work whilst the
client/carer is smoking in the house. *

Other HouseHold Equipment

Does the clothes dryer have a clean lint filter?
Clean before each use *
Is the ironing board height adjustable?
(Ensure it is a comfortable height for you to be working) *
Type of Heating in House? *
Are there any issues related to heating?  (Include wood heater, heat pump, fan or radiant heaters)  You may be required to bring wood in (if on support plan)  – are there gloves available?  *
Are heaters fixed so that they will not tip over?
Does the client sit too close?
Report to CM *
Is there a working smoke alarm?
If a client has no other way of getting assistance, they may
be eligible for assistance from Project Wake UP (Tas Fire Service).
CM to refer *
Does the client have anyone who will assist them to change the batteries every 6 months? *
If a large home, are there multiple smoke alarms? *

Other Environmental Factors

Are there others in the home? *
Is there anyone else in the home that poses a potential
risk to staff or others ? *

Do they live outside an urban area? Surrounded by bush *
Does the client live in a high risk bushfire area? *
Is there someone who can support in case
of emergency of any kind? *
Do you have a bush-fire plan in place? *
Would mobility hinder client from
escaping home in an emergency? *
Are there firearms in the home? *
Are they in a locked storage area? *
Siganature *

Support workers are reminded of the following:

While at work a worker must

  • take reasonable care for your own health and safety (this includes following the instructions on the support plan, using your RCD for hand-held electrical devices, identifying and reporting hazards)
  • take reasonable care that your acts or omissions do not adversely affect the health and safety of other persons
  • comply, so far as the worker is reasonably able, with any reasonable instruction that is given by the person conducting the business or undertaking to allow the persons to comply with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011
  • Cooperate with any reasonable policy or procedure of CCT relating to health or safety in the workplace that has been notified to workers.
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