Tablet Agreement

We are providing you with a tablet and charger.

The following conditions apply:


Work use only – this Device is supplied for work purposes only. It must not be lent, given, or provided in any way to any other person. You are not to divulge the lock code of this device to any other person, other than your employer. Do not login into anything on the tablet that is not work related. Do not login to google with your own google account or facebook account


Large Downloads – no large downloads are allowed this includes, movies and music. No other apps are to be installed on this device. No hot-spotting other devices from the work device.


If Lost – report immediately to the Community Care Tasmania Office with as much detail as possible. Depending on the circumstances CCT reserve the right to recoup replacement costs.


Breakages/damage - report immediately to supervisor with details. Depending on the circumstances CCT reserve the right to recoup replacement costs.


Return of Property. On request or on termination of employment, you are to return to the organisation all property of the organisation under your control or in your possession. If property is not returned the organisation reserves the right to deduct the costs of the equipment from any entitlements that are due to the employee.


Confidentiality. You will not either during the employment or at any time thereafter, except in the proper course of your duties under the employment or as required by law, or by the Employer, use or disclose to any person any confidential information, and will use your best endeavours to prevent the unauthorised use or disclosure of any such information by third parties.  


Intellectual Property. All Intellectual Property rights in the products of your services under this contract (including any contributions made to any software and any know-how) are owned by CCT. By accepting the offer contained in this contract, you assign to CCT upon creation any existing and future Intellectual Property rights you may have in such products.

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