MED 360 Yearly Resident Evaluation


A number of specific physician competencies are provided below, grouped by general AOA Core Competencies. Interns and Residents are required to have this document filled out yearly. You have been chosen because you know the Resident well enough to fill out this document fairly. Rate how well the intern/resident currently meets each specific competency using the Lichert Scale where 0=deficient to 5=exceptional. If unable to evaluate the resident physician on a particular competency, please mark UE.


Osteopathic Philosophy and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine
Recognizes clinical situations where OMT is appropriate   
Shows understanding of somato-visceral relationships and the role of the musculoskeletal system in disease   
Provides accurate structural diagnosis   
Performs appropriate OMT as a procedural skill   
Takes each patient's illness into account when dealing with that individual   
Provides osteopathic health care services using behavioral medicine   
Advocate for patient's welfare, autonomy and quality of care   

Medical Knowledge

Gathers essential information for physical examinations   
Gathers essential information for medical records   
Gathers essential information for diagnostic or therapeutic plans   
Gathers essential information for treatments   
Treats patients with the most up-to-date and evidenced based information on therapeutic effectiveness   
Patient Care
Demonstrates up-to-date biomedical knowledge and applies that knowledge to patient care   
Demonstrates up-to-date clinical knowledge and applies that knowledge effectively to patient care   
Shows good clinical judgement; reaches valid decisions   
Treats patients with up-to-date and evidence-based information on diagnostic effectiveness   
Performs procedures properly   
Maintains patient confidentiality   
Shows respect for patients and families   
Shows respect for co-workers and hospital and clinic personel   
Demonstrates integrity   
Acts responsibly. Is available when needed. Carries a fair share of the workload   
Communicates well in discussions with health professionals   
Works respectfully and effectively with others as a member of a healthcare team   
Understands the resident's role as a health care team member   
Practice-based learning and improvement
Understands research methods   
Understands medical informatics   
Understands and uses technoligy as aplied to medicine   
Interpersonal and Communication Skills
Develops and maintains appropriate doctor-patient relationships   
Writes clearly and legibly in communication with patients and health care workers   
Writes clearly and legibly when making records   
Listens well when meeting and treating patients   
Listens well in encounters with health care professionals   
Exhibits effective oral communication skills when interviewing patients and their families   

Systems-based Practice

Understands the business side of medical practice   
Shows operational knowledge of health care organizations, state and federal programs   
Knows and uses local medical resources available to patients for treatment and referral   
Practices cost-effective medicine   
In your opinion, is this intern/resident progressing satisfactorily based on their level of training?   

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