Prospective Intern-Resident Evaluation

Overall, how do you rate this candidate for our training program? *

Medical Skills

Attribute Rating  (1 = poor, 3 = average, 5 = excellent, UE = Unable to Evaluate)
Possesses required training for position
Exhibits Medical Knowledge
Understands requirements of position
Motivated to learn, read, work
Is organized
Addresses problems effectively
Achieves established goals
Communication skills
Appropriate attire
Self Confidence
Emotional Maturity
Understanding / Empathy

Group Skills

Group Skills (1 = poor, 3 = average, 5 = excellent,  UE = Unable to Evaluate)
Evidence of being an effective team player
Evidence of working well with others
Evidence of leadership
Accepts responsiblity
Participates in group discussions
Displays a positive attitude
Positively motivates others
Evidence of stable relationships

General Comments

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