Top Tech Tidbit Submission Form

Masthead logo includes title as well as five stylized access logos, clockwise a long cane user, enlarged print, fingers signing interpreter, full braille cell, hearing aid user.

Submission Requirements:

In order for your contribution to be considered for publication as a Top Tech Tidbit it must:

A.) Be approved by 2 out of 3 Tidbits Editors to provide "actionable adaptive technology information".

B.) Be relatively new by having been released within the last week or two.

Deadline For Submission:

In order for your Top Tech Tidbit to be published in any issue it must be received with a timestamp BY OR BEFORE 3:00 PM PT | 4:00 PM MT | 5:00 PM CT | 6:00 PM ET on the WEDNESDAY before that issue is to be released on THURSDAY.

All contributions received with a timestamp after 3:00 PM PT | 4:00 PM MT | 5:00 PM CT | 6:00 PM ET will be published in the following week's issue.

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