Call for Proposals 

Schools, community-based organizations, and education stakeholders from across the nation are encouraged to submit proposals to lead sessions at the 11th annual School Redesign in Action conference: Equity in our classrooms, schools, and communities, March 23 & 24, 2020 in Norwood, MA. The School Redesign in Action conference brings educators and stakeholders together to share lessons learned in the journey towards personalized learning. Participants will exchange best practices, problem-solve together, and continue to build momentum and public support for innovations that personalize learning for all students

Seventy-five minute sessions are expected to share strategies that showcase how school or district efforts have led to a more equitable, rigorous, and personalized experience for students. Components of personalized learning could include proficiency-based education, multiple/flexible pathways, individual student supports, and engaging learning practices. Sessions may focus on positive shifts in the student experience and how teacher learning and increased community engagement can support such improvements, especially in supporting students in traditionally marginalized groups.

Breakout sessions can include skill building, knowledge building, and/or critical conversations. Skill building introduces participants to a particular skill or set of skills that they can apply immediately to their work. Knowledge building shares information about a meaningful topic so that participants are able to leave the session knowing next steps they can take to use this knowledge in their work. Critical conversations provide a relevant, inspiring, thought ­provoking topic and skillfully facilitate a conversation among participants.
The deadline for submitting proposals is Friday, November 1, 2019.
If you have any questions, please email the conference team at