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HR Consultant On Demand Agreement
This consulting agreement aims to offer your business human resources consulting services. You seek flexible Human Resources support to maintain and improve current HR practices while controlling costs, minimizing legal risks, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations, and mitigating employee relations issues. HR Coach LLC, an independent contractor specializing in human resources consulting, will provide all consulting services.

HR Coach LLC agrees not to disclose or utilize any confidential information of the Client during or after the agreement term for its benefit or the benefit of any third party. This includes, but is not limited to, proprietary information related to customer lists, services, methodologies, pricing, contracts, or operational procedures unless necessary for fulfilling the terms of this agreement or as required by law.

HR Coach LLC and the Client agree to indemnify and protect each other, along with their officers, directors, agents, successors, and affiliates, from any direct or indirect losses, claims, damages, liabilities, costs, or expenses arising from the services provided under this agreement.
It's important to note that HR Coach LLC does not offer legal advice, as we are not a law firm. Instead, we provide guidance on best business practices by California state laws. Should the Client require specific legal assistance, we recommend consulting with a qualified attorney familiar with relevant issues.
For further details on our services, please revisit our website at Train Me
Payment Instructions
To initiate payment, please submit this form. You will receive an initial invoice for your first month's subscription after submission. Subsequent monthly payments will be conveniently automated and deducted from your designated payment method.
If You Must Cancel
Cancelling your HR On-Demand program is hassle-free. Simply email with a 30-day notice to cancel.
Additional services such as project-based work (e.g., handbooks, policies, employee relations, on-site HR Manager, etc.) will be invoiced separately. The rate for HR On-Demand clients is $175 per hour, while non-HR On-Demand clients are billed at $350 per hour. Emails remain complimentary unless they evolve into project-based tasks, in which case a rate of $175 per hour applies. Similarly, brief phone consultations lasting up to 15 minutes are free.
Please note that HR Coach LLC operates as a consultancy and does not offer legal counsel. Our guidance adheres to best business practices within the framework of California state laws. Should you require legal advice, we recommend seeking assistance from a qualified attorney specializing in relevant areas.
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