Workplace Harassment Prevention Promoting a Respectful Workplace

Includes PowerPoint presentation with up-to-date content, handouts, tests and exercises.
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Included with the Sexual Harassment Prevention Coach:

The learning objectives of the TMT harassment prevention training programs are: 1) To provide employees and leadership personnel with the specific skills they need to act respectfully and to intervene when they observe disrespectful or abusive behavior. In short, the program is designed to stop improper behavior before it ever rises to the level of illegal harassment; 2) to assist employers in changing or modifying workplace behaviors that create or contribute to harassment and discrimination under California and U.S. law; and 3) to develop, foster and encourage a set of values in supervisory employees who complete mandated training that will assist them in preventing and effectively responding to incidents of sexual harassment and discrimination and live within a culture of dignity and respect at work.  Learning objectives include:

  • What are unlawful harassment, discrimination and retaliation under both State and U.S. law?
  • Quid Pro Quo, Hostile Workplace, Systemic Harassment
  • What steps to take when harassing behavior occurs in the workplace?
  • How to report harassment complaints;
  • How to respond to a harassment complaint;
  • The employer’s obligation to conduct a workplace investigation of a harassment complaint;
  • What constitutes retaliation and how to prevent it?
  • Essential components of an anti-harassment policy; and
  • The effect of harassment on harassed employees, co-workers, harassers and employers.
  • Sensitivity and Inclusion in Diverse Workplaces
  • Abusive Workplace Behaviors
  • Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Sexual Orientation
  • Bystander Intervention
  • Workplace Civility and Company Culture
The Sexual Harassment Prevention Coach training is played as a card game for immediate interactivity and participation by the students.  The trainer deals out 52 cards. Each students receives 2 - 5 cards depending on the size of the class.
The Sexual Harassment Prevention Train the Trainer is intended only as general information about employment and business related matters and are not legal advice. It is important to understand that no human resources product or program can stop legal claims by employees and no warranty is expressed or implied that Train Me Today products and services will do so. If you have legal questions you should consult with qualified legal counsel.