Conflict Management

Conflict Management Training and Resolution
Not all conflict is bad.  Good conflict can be very beneficial.  Conflict management is the process of limiting the negative aspects of conflict while increasing the positive aspects of the conflict.  In this workshop, we will look at your individual style of dealing with conflict and give you some tips and ideas on how to deal with conflict.  Train Me Today's Conflict Management Web class helps participants capitalize on their strengths and limit the weaknesses of their conflict management styles.  The four different styles are:
  1. Interactive/Influencing
  2. Direct/Dominant
  3. Supportive/Service
  4. Conscientious/Systematic
Time:  9 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. 
Location:  WEBEX Live Class Link to be sent after registration
Instructor: Jacquelyn Thorp, MSHR, SPHR, PHRca
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