Supervisor Boot Camp

Supervisor Boot Camp is ideal for anyone in a lead or supervisory role looking to learn and develop their leadership skills and become effective leaders in their organization. In this course, participants will focus on foundational supervisor skills they can apply immediately to real workplace situations: leadership skills, performance management, team building, legal and ethical responsibilities, communication and people skills.
Session #1:   Effective Communication
Communication is the process of sharing ideas, thoughts, information, and knowledge in a way that the intended message is received and message is clearly understood. Discover your personal communication style and learn to have effective conversations that build trust and create more effective teams.   
Session #2:   Introduction to Employment Law for New Supervisors
Supervisors need to know and understand the critical state and federal that impact how they perform their supervisory role. Learn about best practices for interviewing and selection, applicable wage and hour laws, timekeeping, health and safety requirements, Workers' Compensation rules and responsibilities, and understanding employee's rights to a myriad of leaves of absence and time off.
Session #3:   5 Skills Every Supervisor Needs to Effectively Manage Their Team
Learning to manage other people is not as easy as it may seem, and often people are promoted into supervisory roles without the training they need to be a good leader. Participants will learn the 5 key skills and specific actions critical for leading a team to achieve goals and facilitate results.  
Session #4:   Performance Management and Documenting Performance
Performance management is more than just an employee review. It is a continuous process that begins the moment the employee joins the company. In this final session, you will learn methods, techniques, and practical tools for establishing expectations, setting boundaries, and providing clear goals and objective, holding employess accountable for their performance, delivering feedback, and how to document performance and disciplinary actions that are fair and defensible.

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Supervisor Boot Camp 4 Part Series:
July 11th, August 8th, September 12th, and October 10th
Location: Virtual Interactive Course
Location: Virtual Interactive Course
Location: Virtual Interactive Course
Location: Virtual Interactive Course

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