Payment Processing & PrestoCamps Application

Please complete the following form for each organization or individual that will receive a deposit directly from PrestoSports. If your college/university will receive funds and disburse those funds, only one (1) copy is required. If individual coaches or other outside entities will receive deposits directly, either the coach or that entity must complete a copy of this form due to US banking laws. Our team can provide additional electronic copies if needed.

Principal Information

Please provide the following information for the organization's principal (or other individual with decision-making authority).

All payments will be funded directly to the legal entity's bank account as required by payment
processing regulations. The name of the Legal Entity must be shown on the bank account. Funds are deposited using ACH processing and no physical checks will be mailed. For any additional coaches, we will need a complete form for each.


Organization ("Merchant") agrees to and accepts the terms and conditions set forth in this
Application and the Terms and Conditions which are incorporated herein by reference as if fully
set forth herein (collectively, the "Merchant Agreement").

Card brands to be accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express
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