This form is to be used to create a business plan or  business case to support an application for funding such as a bank loan.
If the funding is for an existing business then please describe the current business.
If the the funding is for a new business or start up please describe the intended business or business idea.
Please enter as much information as possible.  Do not give one word or short answers as comprehensive answers are required. Use the help (the "?" button) where applicable for further information on what each question is looking for. 
If you don't know the answer to questions then enter an appropritae comment such as 'don't know" or "don't understand".  We can then use email to explore these further.
If you think a question is not relevant then you can leave it blank or enter "NA".
The more information you can provide along with supporting evidence the better the chances of a succesful application. This can be provided by email at a later date.
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