Peter Pan Program Ads


Dynamics Dance will proudly present our 2024 recital on Wednesday June 5th, 2024 and Thursday June 6th, 2024.  This is your opportunity for families, friends, and companies to purchase space in the program to celebrate your dancer's success this year and wish them luck in the recital.

There are five ad options to choose from

Full Page - $125 

1/2 Page - $75 

1/4 page (30 words)- $40

1/9 page (20 words)- $25 


Full page and ½ page ads are designed by you and may include pictures and words. These ads can be submitted as Word documents, JPG or PDF files.

For 1/4 page (25 words) ads and 1/9 page (15 words), please type up your message in a word document and attach the file to this form.

Just a reminder: The 1/4 page ads and 1/9 page (15 words) are words only.


Once we have received your ad, we will send you a response letting you know that we have it and your account will be billed accordingly.


If you have any questions about ads please email


Please name your ad files in the following format:


You may also email in the following formats, but the layout of your ad may change:

LastName.DOC     LastName.DOCX

Payment for all ads must be completed before the ad deadline to ensure your ad is included in the program. Content and photos in all ads are subject to review and approval by the studio.

Deadlines for ad submissions is May 11th, 2024

What size ad would you like? *

Ads will be in black and white in your printed program. The online program will be featured in color.

1/2 Page Ad Example
Full Page Ad Example
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