Northside ISD Faculty Survey

Family-School Partnerships
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1. Family-School partnerships are an important component of effective schools.
2. Students benefit when families and schools work together to enhance student success.
3. Our school setting is friendly, welcoming and inviting.
4. Families are valued partners in our educational process.
5. Families can communicate openly and honestly with educators.
6. The staff connects with families by focusing on the children and what they’re learning.
7. Educators encourage family participation by establishing relationships.
8. Teachers in our school understand the importance of ongoing, meaningful, two-way communication with families.
9. I understand the cultural needs of the families represented in my classroom/school.
10. School staff is accessible and readily available to families.
11. Our school keeps all families informed about important issues and events.
12. Parent/family meetings/workshops are held in a variety of community locations (apartment sites, community centers, etc.) in addition to the school site.
13. Translators are available to talk to families whose first language isn’t English.
14. Family activities are low cost or no cost, so everyone can participate.
15. Information to families is communicated in languages and formats to accommodate all families.
16. Materials are sent home weekly regarding how families can help their children at home.
17. Families are contacted routinely (phone, texts, e-mail, student folders, progress reports, etc.) with news about how their children are doing in school—sharing both strengths and needs.
18. Student academic needs and behavior needs are supported by a variety of services at our school such as before and after school tutoring, mentoring, career exploration, etc.
19. Families take advantage of the school’s services to support the academic and behavioral needs of their child.
20. Our school provides workshops for families on topics such as study skills, individual curriculum areas, career planning, and understanding standardized tests.
21. Family events and workshops are well attended by families at my school.
22. Our families understand the policies and procedures that are in place at our school to address issues and resolve concerns.
23. Family surveys and/or focus groups are used to gain family input on current and potential school programs and policies.
24. Families on the school/district improvement team represent the diverse population of the community.
25. Our school has active community partnerships that strengthen families and link to student learning.
26. The school connects students and families to community services and community improvement initiatives.
27. There is district support for the development of community partnerships at my school that enhance student achievement through family involvement.
28. I feel supported by my principal in my efforts to improve family-school partnerships at my school.
29. I feel supported by my district in my efforts to improve family-school partnerships.
30. Our faculty has received training to expand effective family-school partnerships.