Northside ISD Parent/Family Survey

Family-School Partnerships
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1. My child’s school welcomes and respects all students and families.
2. The school’s policies and programs value the diversity of the families in the community.
3. The success of all students is important at my school.
4. I respect and trust my school.
5. My child’s school communicates with me in many ways (email, phone, website, newsletters, etc.) and asks for my ideas.
6. When the school communicates with me, it is easy for me to read or understand.
7. The school keeps all families informed about important issues and events.
8. My child’s teacher(s) keeps me well informed about how my child is doing in school.
9. If I have a question, concern, or comment about my child, someone from the school gets back to me quickly.
10. I attend my child's parent-teacher meetings and other school programs.
11. My experience in attending parent meeting and conferences has been positive.
12. I understand what my child should learn and the academic requirements my child is supposed to meet.
13. My child’s teacher(s) provides useful information about how to help my child at home.
14. The school provides information and/or workshops about what I can do at home to help my child.
15. I monitor my child’s progress and support his/her learning at home
16. I am given information about services at school that help my child such as tutoring, mentoring, etc.
17. The educators at my child’s school value and respect me as a partner in my child’s education.
18. I am asked about my child’s talents and strengths.
19. I believe my child’s teachers have high expectations for my child and have the skills to provide quality instruction.
20. I am familiar with my school’s parent involvement policy.
21. Parents are included in groups or committees that help lead the school.
22. The school has many different ways for me to be involved.
23. Parent groups at my school reflect the school community.
24. My school has community resources available that strengthen families and support student success.
25. I am given information about community services that help with families’ needs (adult education, health, mental health, utilities, etc.). 

I feel supported and valued by my child’s principal in my efforts to assure that my child receives a quality education.
27. I feel supported by the district in my efforts to assure that my child receives a quality education.