Downtown Vehicle Registration

Tulane faculty, staff, students, and affiliates working on the downtown campus are eligible to purchase a monthly parking contract at one of the following downtown garages. You will be assigned a garage based on your office location. Please note that there may be a wait list at a specific garage.
Prices are listed below.
  • Murphy Garage,131 S. Robertson St. (entrance on Cleveland Ave.) 
  • Tidewater Garage, 1440 Canal St. (entrance on LaSalle St.)
  • Perdido Garage, 1700 Perdido (entrance on Clara St.)
  • Hutchinson Garage, 1430 Tulane Ave. (entrance on S. Liberty St.)
  • HEAL Garage, 300 LaSalle St.
  • Saratoga Garage, 111 S. Saratoga St.
  • 1555 Poydras Garage (entrances on Perdido and S. Robertson)
1555 Poydras
Type of Space Cost
Regular $145.00/month
Those who work in 1555 Poydras but do not wish to pay this rate can be assigned to HEAL by selecting the permit type corresponding to their salary instead of 1555 Poydras.
HEAL Garage for Thirteen15 Residents
Type of Space Cost
Thirteen15 Resident $125.00/month
This rate is ONLY offered to current residents of Thirteen15.
All other garages:
Affiliation Salary (if applicable) Cost As of Aug. 1, 2022
Faculty & Staff under $30,000 $70.00/month $82.86/month
Faculty & Staff $30,000 to $59,999 $75.00/month $87.86/month
Faculty & Staff over $60,000 $80/month $92.86/month
Department-paid   $80.00/month $92.86/month
Student   $85.00/month $100.36/month
Medical Resident   $75.00/month $87.86/month
Non-affiliate Deming residents   $80.00/month $92.86/month
Vendors   $80.00/month $92.86/month
For information on reserved spaces, please email