2024 TAT Spring Shootout Registration

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Division Descriptions

Your average is intially calculated using your highest USBC Standard Composite average over the past two years. We may use other relevant information such as Sport/Challenge league averages and/or tournament performances (both TAT and others) to adjust your average up or down from that starting point.

For all bowlers averaging over 215.

50+ Senior Limited Handicap
For age-50+ bowlers averaging 200 or higher. Uses 80% of 220 handicap with a max of 16 pins per game. Seniors with averages of 220 or more get 0 handicap. Seniors with averages under 200 may elect to bowl in this division, but will be limited to 16 pins of handicap and would likely be more competitive in the 215 & Under or 189 & Under handicap divisions as appropriate for their average.

215 & Under Handicap
For all bowlers with averages between 190 & 215. 80% of 220 handicap with a max of 24 pins per game.

189 & Under Handicap
For all bowlers with averages under 190. 80% of 220 handicap with a max of 46 pins per game. Bowlers with lower averages under 162 are eligible, but are limited to 46 pins of handicap.

If you are eligible for multiple divisions, you must select one division and stay in that division for the entire tournament for all re-entries. You may request a division change at any time prior to throwing the first ball for score in your first squad.

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FREE PRACTICE Saturday, March 16th, 2024
(29 remaining)
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Saturday, March 16th, 2024 (
Cut and re-oil after 12:30 and 7:00 squads)
Sunday, March 17th, 2024 (
Cut and re-oil after 1:00 squad )
Please select at least one qualifying squad!

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