ATRS World Conference and Pre-Conference Abstract Submission

Please complete the form on the next page to submit a paper for presentation at the conference or pre-conference. 

Your submission implies agreement with the following policies:        

  • ATRS enforces a strict one presenter, one paper policy. In case of multiple submissions by the same presenter, only the first submission will be considered. A presenter can, of course, co-author multiple papers as long as coauthors of the additional papers register for the conference and present the papers.
  • Abstracts accepted for the postponed 2022 Kobe conference will be automatically accepted for the 2023 Kobe conference, provided that these abstracts are resubmitted via the abstract submission platform.
  • All presenters must submit a completed registration (including payment) for the conference no later than May 15, 2023. Otherwise, the presentation will not be included in the conference program.
  • Specific scheduling requests cannot be accommodated.
  • Please ensure correct spelling of titles, author names, affiliations and email address. In the interest of efficiency, title or author changes are not permitted, and all information will be printed in the program as originally submitted.
  • Please do not use any special characters such as ê, ç, ä, etc. since these characters may not print correctly in the conference program.
  • The abstract submission deadline is February 15, 2023.

These policies are designed to ensure efficient scheduling, avoid no-shows and ensure an academically rigorous conference program. Your cooperation is much appreciated.