Cyber Insurance Quote

Do you back up your data at least once a week and store it in an off site location or your outsourcer does?
Do you have antivirus and firewalls in place and are these regularly updated (at least quarterly)?
Law Firms, Healthcare, and Financial Institution Entities ONLY: Do you have a written policy that requires that personally identifiable information stored on mobile devices (e.g.laptop computers/smartphones) and portable media (e.g.flash drives/back-up tapes) be protected by encryption?
Limit of Liability
Have you previously purchased a Cyber Policy? *
No Claims Declaration
Are you aware of or have any grounds for suspecting any circumstances which might give rise to a claim?
Within the last 5 years have you suffered any systems intrusion, tampering, virus or malicious code attack, loss of data, loss of portable media, hacking incident, extortion attempts, data theft or similar, resulting in a claim that would be covered by this insurance?
Cyber Deception Endorsement (Not eligible for Financial Institutions)
For an additional premium, the Cyber Deception extension provides coverage for the intentional misleading of the Applicant by means of a dishonest misrepresentation of a material fact contained or conveyed within an electronic or telephonic communication(s) and which is relied upon by the Applicant believing it to be genuine. This is commonly known as "spear-phishing" or "social engineering".
Would you like to add the Optional Cyber Deception Coverage Extension (for an additional premium of $450) to your quote? *
If Yes, please answer these additional questions:
Does the Applicant have dual control when transferring funds in excess of $25,000 to external parties?
Does the Applicant provide training for staff members who transact funds in excess of $25,000 externally?
Have there been any losses for a Cyber Deception Event in the past year in excess of $10,000?

You will be requested to sign and date a formal application if you would like to purchase any coverage that is offered.

Disclaimer Notice - The premiums quoted are estimates based on information you provided. This quotation does not constitute a contract of insurance, nor does it provide coverage for any loss or claim. Further information may be required in order for a complete quote to be provided. This quote request contains some information about coverage offered but it does not list all of the conditions and exclusions that apply to the described coverage. The actual wording of the policy governs all situations.

This is not an “Application” for insurance.  We ask that you provide general quote request information on this online form for the purposes of gathering general information on your interest in our insurance products and services.  A Marshall & Sterling representative will be in contact with you shortly to discuss the formal application process.