Backbeat Puppy Application

What are your plans for your new puppy? *
Do you plan to breed this puppy when he/she is old enough? *
What sex and color/s do you prefer? *
What is your marital status (has no bearing on a puppy placement- just to learn more about the family life for the puppy) We do not discriminate against any of the answers! *
What age puppy are you interested in? *
How long are you willing to wait for a puppy? *
Do you plan to attend training/showing classes with your pup at the appropriate age? *
Have you ever considered showing in conformation and need someone to mentor you with this issue? *
Do you understand that Boxers are an inside/outside dog and they should not be kept outside solely and that we require our dogs to be kept in a manner worthly of a family member? *
Are you familiar with the health problems associated with Boxers? *
Do you understand the difference between Limited registration and Full registration? (for information on this go to Companion animals will be sold on Limited Registration. *
Do you agree that if for any reason you can no longer keep your Boxer, that the dog be returned to us? *
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