Samples of Student Artwork (ages 8 & up) from Creation Imagination Art Studio:

Artist/ Instructor: Stacey Kaelin
Master of Fine Arts in Illustration
Masters, Education
Bachelors, Psychology 
 Illustrator & Character Designer
Adjunct Professor, 3D Modeling & Character Design at NJCU
Adjunct Professor, 3D Modeling in ZBrush at BCC
Instructor & Sole Proprietor at Creation Imagination Art Studio
Art Teacher at Waterfront Montessori in Jersey City       Email: 


Each week of Fine Arts Day Camp, there will be lessons in drawing, painting & sculpting.  Lessons will vary each week. Younger students will participate in guided lessons, presented step by step by the instructor. Older students will have the option of working independently while asking for assistance as needed. Weather permitting, students will create artwork outdoors near WFM. A signed permission slip will be required. Come enjoy the fun & creativity.
Images from Previous years of Fine Arts Camp:
Painting Techniques                                                         Clay Creatures & Clay Coil Pots            

Drawing Techniques                             The Art of Mosaics                    Coil Basket Weaving        
Pen & Ink Drawing                                          Manga/ Anime Drawing                                   

More Lessons:

 - drawing/ painting the cartoon figure: students will learn to draw/paint their favorite cartoon characters from start to finish

- painting techniques in various media: watercolor, acrylics, oil, & tempera. Students will learn the essentials of composition, color theory, color blocking, underpainting and more.

 -exploring pastels: students will explore the principles of color theory using this fun and versatile medium that mimics the art of painting

- Japanese anime, manga art: students will learn the Japanese style of cartooning known as Anime or Manga.  Knowlege of manga drawing is also a useful tool in creating realistic figure drawings andin developing an understsanding of the complexities of foreshortening and the creation of figures in motion.

- mural painting: students will work together as a team to design and to create large scale paintings on canvas using acrylics

-the art of portraiture: students will learn scale, proportion, and effective tools for creating human faces.

- art history: students will learn about the work of such artists as Van Gogh, Mondrian, Monet & more. Students will then create artwork inspired by famous artists and their artististic genres.

-sculpture in paper mache: paper mache sculpting is both fun, messy, and extremely versatile.  

 - adventures in the 3rd dimension: students will create fun and imaginative projects using household items and objects from nature such as clothespins, toothpicks, popsicle sticks, wire, plastic bottles & more. 

- shadow and line, the secrets of drawing: learn what it takes to create expressive line and shadows that result in sketches with 3-dimensionality. 

- colored pencil drawing & more-

Students are encouraged to ask questions and are welcome to ask for assistance with independent projects. Students who would like to bring their own sketch books are free to do so. The instructor greatly appreciates a serious artist who wants to learn more.

Schedule & Tuition:

Spaces are limited to current WFM sudents. One week minimum. 

5 student minimum for each week camp to run

Week 1 tuition: 285.00 (3 days) 
Week 2 tuition: 475.00 (5 days)


Schedule of Fine Arts Day Camp:  Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm,

Lunch: hour lunch break from approx. 12:00pm to 1:00pm, students must bring their own lunch
Students will watch an animated film or instructional art video during their lunch break
Break: 15 minute snack break in the morning and afternoon, snacks & bottled water provided
When the weather permits, we will sketch outside in the recess area.  Students who wish to play outdoor games will be able to do so.
Indoor and outdoor lessons.
All art supplies are provided by the instructor.

Schedule: Camp will be held at Waterfront Montessori in Jersey City

Week 1 (duration: 3 days): June 13 - June 15, limit of 18 students, grades 1- 8 (students must have completed grade 1 prior to start date)  

Week 2 (duration: 5 days): June 18 - June 22, limit of 18 students, grades 1- 8 (students must have completed grade 1 prior to start date)  


Art Program Selection:  Minimum of 1 week. You may select both weeks.
Week 1 tuition: 285.00
Week 2 tuition: 475.00
Sibling discount: 5%


Participant Information

Applications are processed in the order in which tuition is received. Payment plans are available. When using a payment plan, a nonrefundable deposit must be sent to reserve a spot.

Household / Adult Primary Contact

Relationship to Participant: *

Policies & Procedures

Tuition is nonrefundable.Tuition must be received in order to complete enrollment. Applications will be processed in the order in which tuition is received. Tuition must be recieved no later than 1 week prior to the start date of each new session.

Student absences are included. 

Please do not drop off students more than 5 - 10 minutes before class as the instructor may not be at the location prior to that time.
The art studio reserves the right to reject any application or to ask a student to leave class for behavioral issues without providing a refund.

 Release of liability: By submitting this form, the student and/or parent(s) or guardian(s) hereby and forever discharge, release, and hold harmless the instructor(s), sponsors(s) and operators(s) from all liabilities and law suits regarding any damage, loss or injury resulting from the student's participation in art classes/programs at the location(s) at which the Creation Imagination Art Program takes place. 

I have read all the policies, procedures and the release of liability and agree to follow them. (Your enrollment application will not be considered unless yes is checked for this question.) *
I agree to follow the rules and regulations of Waterfront Montessori. *

Method of Payment:

Payment options: *
(Response not required) PAYMENT PLAN:

If you request a payment plan, please choose the check payment option when completing this form. 
If you would prefer to pay by credit card - an invoice will be sent to you later through by the instructor.

Thank you for your interest in the Creation Imagination
Art Program.  
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