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Brent Easter Holiday Courses

Easter Holiday 2018

Booking information

Dear Parent/ Guardian

Please complete to book a place.
Course Times
Complete beginners 9.30-10.45, 11.00-12.15 or 12.45-2.00
Level 1, 09:30 - 11:30 or 12:00 - 14:00 
Level 1&2, 09:30 - 14:00
30 minute supervised Lunch (Lunch is not supplied)
Level 3, 9.30-2.00
Complete Begineers
Level 1 course lasts 2 hours, off road
Level 1&2 course lasts two consecutive days, trainee must attend both to achieve a Bikeability certificate and badge. Trainees will aquire skills needed to make journeys on quiet roads
Level 3 Course lasts one day and is suitable for those who have successfully completed Level 2 of Bikeability. 30 minute supervised Lunch (Lunch is not supplied).  Trainees will aquire skills needed to make journeys on busier roads.
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Donnington Road, London NW10 3QX

Instructors will be wearing Bright Yellow Tabards

I confirm that my child will attend at the times and dates I have indicated above.

I will drop off and pick up my child promptly. During the session, I will remain close by unless I consent to them travelling home alone.

I consent that my child can travel home alone. I will not collect him/her at the end of the session. *
Please indicate if you wish your child to participate in the Level 3 one day course on the 13th April if appropriate skills levels are achieved on the Level 2 course (only for children in year 6 and above). *

During the course my child will

Wear Hi-Viz clothing supplied by Cycling Instructor Ltd
Wear a Helmet *
Please sign to accept T&Cs and request a course using the cursor or print page and sign and post to: 171a Landells Rd, East Dulwich, London, SE22 9PN *

I agree that:

I will supply a roadworthy bicycle for my child

I will tell Cycling Instructor Ltd about any medical or behavioural conditions my child has that may affect the training course.

Taking a cycling lesson does not mean that it is safe for my child to cycle or fix a bicycle in all circumstances. To become a proficient cyclist or mechanic takes more practice than lessons of this kind can provide.

By the nature of outdoor activities it may be necessary for staff to physically interact with children, eg, help fit helmets & hi-viz vests, to prevent a fall or administer first aid. This is in the interests of your child's safety.

No signed consent form, no training!

Training takes place on the road.

I should think about personal accident insurance for my child.

Cycling Instructor Ltd is not responsible for any injury, loss or damage, which may occur during the journey to or from these courses.

My child may be photographed during this course and the image could be used in publicity for Cycling Instructor Ltd and the funding organisation.

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