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Wednesday Evening Cycle Training

Please tick one or more of the offered sessions below. Adult cycle training sessions for complete beginners and for Intermediates (can ride a bike, but need more tuition), tick as many dates as you require.

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MUGA (astroturf court next to Arena car park), Albert Rd, South Norwood, London SE25 4QL



Do you need to borrow a bike? * 🛈

During the course I will

Wear Hi-Viz clothing supplied by Cycling Instructor Ltd
Wear a Helmet *
Please sign to accept T&Cs and request a course using the cursor or print page and sign and post to: 171a Landells Rd, East Dulwich, London, SE22 9PN *

I agree that:

I will supply a roadworthy bicycle 

I will tell Cycling Instructor Ltd about any medical or behavioural conditions  that may affect my participation in the training course.

Taking a cycling lesson does not mean that it is safe for  to cycle or fix a bicycle in all circumstances. To become a proficient cyclist or mechanic takes more practice than lessons of this kind can provide.

By the nature of outdoor activities it may be necessary for staff to physically interact with you, eg, help fit helmets & hi-viz vests, to prevent a fall or administer first aid.

No signed consent form, no training!

Training takes place on the road.

I should think about personal accident insurance.

Cycling Instructor Ltd is not responsible for any injury, loss or damage, which may occur during the journey to or from these courses.

You may be photographed during this course and the image could be used in publicity for Cycling Instructor Ltd and the funding organisation.


Privacy Policy

Cycling Instructor Ltd knows that you will want to understand how we use the information we collect when you request a cycle lesson at 

This notice describes our Privacy Policy.

Collection of Information

Cycling Instructor Ltd only holds data, which you have entered into a request form for a cycle lesson.

Use of Information Collected

We will only use the information you provide us for the following purpose:

  • Contact you to provide the lesson
  • We only provide statistical data and contact details to the Council and TfL who pay for this service.  TfL will contact you by email to survey the impact of the session on your cycling.
  • For adult lessons your email will be put on our email system to inform you of any events which may be off interest. You can opt-out if you receive an email.
  • We will hold your data for a year when we will redact it.