Die Angelo, Die

Die Angelo, Die — Perks & Donations
Die Angelo, Die is the 16th film that POWER UP will produce
for the indie and LGBTQ film goer. 

Die Angelo, Die is a Hollywood film noir thriller about revenge, redemption and what remains. What do you do when Hollywood director Angelo Anderson steals your film? The only thing you can do: write a screenplay about it and get revenge!  The film will shoot in Los Angeles and Palm Springs, California.  It’s a sexy, exciting film in which the city of Palm Springs is a vital character.

Best part is POWER UP educates women and men along the way. Below, you can choose a perk for your tax deductible donation for this exciting new film!

POWER UP's most successful educational program has been its unique Filmmaking Program, through which POWER UP has produced 15 films over the last decade. This program has launched careers for countless members in all fields of entertainment. POWER UP's major success stories include: Writer/Director Angela Robinson (True Blood, Hung, D.E.B.S., Herbie: Fully Loaded, the L word); writer/director Jessica Sharzer (American Horror Story, Speak, Untitled Dusty Springfield project); writer/director Cherien Dabis (Amerika in directors fortnight Cannes, producer the L word); writer/director Alex Kondracke (the L word, Hung) writer/director Lee Friedlander (House Husband, Snow Brides) writer/director Tina Mabry (Mississippi Damned, Brooklyn's Bridge to Jordan) and writer/director Colette Burson (Creator of the HBO series Hung.)

Who We Are, What We Need, & What You Get:
  • POWER UP educates and provides opportunities that are not provided anywhere. They give writing and directing opportunities to a group, LGBTQ, that no one else is financing or supporting.

  • POWER UP makes movies!

  • POWER UP makes lesbian/gay content movies by and with professional filmmakers.

  • POWER UP has the only fully-integrated filmmaking mentee program that teaches on the set and exposes opportunities to up and coming filmmakers in training.

  • Come be a part of movie history: part of the POWER UP team!

  • POWER UP has produced 15 multi award-winning films.

  • POWER UP is a world known non-profit with a stellar reputation in filmmaking.

  • Relish in knowing you are playing a part and in making a difference in so many peoples lives.

Please know that as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, POWER UP takes great pride in the fact that we are "arguably" the fiscally leanest film production company and GLBTQ organization in existence with more monies going into our educational programs, films and member services than into salaries or operational costs.

Stacy Codikow, who has run POWER UP as a fulltime volunteer since its inception in 2000, chose to step away from her successful career as a Television Writer and Film Producer to construct a safe haven to educate Women and the GLBTQ community.  POWER UP continues to unify the community through it's educational programs and production of quality films for a worldwide audience. POWER UP's programs are run by volunteers and/or people working for a very modest stipend to make this all happen. We choose to continue to run POWER UP in this efficient manner out of respect to our donors and in service of our Community.

POWER UP runs entirely on the tax deductable donations of corporations and individuals, like you! As POWER UP is dependent on you, we are grateful for your financial support, no matter the size.

(Pictured at right) Angela Robinson, Guinevere Turner, Jamie Babbit, Jane Lynch, Lee Friedlander, Colette Burson, Stacy Codikow and Honey Labrador at POWER UP's annual Sundance Film Festival dinner
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