1. The City of Ellensburg offers miscellaneous RPZ permits. Each of the four permits is briefly described, below.

  2. A resident who lives contiguous to the RPZ may request one RPZ permit.

  3. A resident who lives in the RPZ may request three day temporary guest permits for a specified period of time.

  4. A service provided located in the RPZ and providing services to residents in the RPZ may request up to 2 RPZ permits.

  5. Business located in the RPZ may request 2 permits plus additional permits equal in number to the average full time worker employed at the business (up to 2). NOTE: the formula to determine the number of full time workers is: total part time hours normally worked by all employees each month divided by 173.

My application is for (check one) *

Service provider has a City business license?
Service provider requests parking permits in the following zones:

For business applicants, please specify the number of permits requested, the number of worker permits requested (per formula, above), and the number of additional permits requested.

Vehicle Information. Provide the following information for each vehicle parked in the RPZ.
 Vehicle #1Vehicle #2Vehicle #3
Ext color
License #
Style of permit *
Style of permit
Style of permit

I acknowledge I live in the Residential Parking Zone. I have been provided the opportunity to examine Chapter 8.54 of the Ellensbur4g Municipal Code and I am familiar with the terms thereof.

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