The GCWC Course Referral Form is needed for Full Time Equivalency (FTE) records and funding which is accumulated from every semester's student visits to the GCWC. You are either recieving this form, or have been sent a notice to finish this form, in order for the GCWC to have a record of every instructor's acceptance that at least one of their students, from at least one of their classes, has received help from a Writing Coach at the GCWC during the current semester. The GCWC uses this form as a type of proof that the instructor is or was aware that their students were getting extra help outside of the classroom. 
Simply check that you are referring your entire class if you are not aware of what specific students visited the GCWC this semester (you may be unaware of some students visiting the GCWC, so this is the best option).

Semester and Courses Taught

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