Trip Or High Adventure Approval Form

Allow 7-10 business days for processing (if using an approved vendor)

We're excited that your troop is going on an adventure!
Girl Scouts of Northern California is here to support your troop endeavors to go on adventures and experience the world. In preparation for your trip we need to gather information from you so that:  
  • Girls are safe
  • Adults are protected from liability
  • We can find you in case of emergency
Please complete this form to ensure that your troop has completed the necessary trainings and has all the correct paperwork filled out and ready to go. If you have questions about this form please contact: or Call 510-562-8470x1104

Why Are There So Many Questions?

This can be a long form to fill out depending on complexity of your trip! You will need to have following info:
A list of adults with completed trainings as it reflects the activities for your trip:
    - Extended Travel Training (ETT) - Trips out of state, international, or lasting 3 nights or longer require at least one adult to have Extended Travel Training.
    - Troop Camping Certification (TCC) - Troop camping that is overnight and consists of outdoor cooking requires that at least one adult on the trop have completed Troop Camping Certification.
    - Lifeguard or Swift Water Rescue Trained- Activities where girls are in water that is above knee level require the presence of a lifeguard, swift water trained personel or similar who is trained to rescue girls and adults in water. Trained professionals either must accompany a troop on a trip or be provided by the vendor where activity is taking place. (TIP: Find local lifeguards using YELP)
     - First Aid Training is required for all High-Adventure Activities or overnights.

Use this Trip Roster Template to provide a list of ALL participants for your activity including the following:

  • List of all Participants - Girl Members and Adult Members and Non-Girl Scout members (children and adults)
  • List of Emergency Contacts for each person. This person will NOT be participating or going with the troop.
  • If applicable, mark who Troop Drivers are
  • If traveling internationally, ages of each participant (including adults) while on the trip
  • Emergency Contact of an adult who is NOT attending the trip
  • Make sure the file can be submitted as an attachment. Our system accepts Microsoft Word, Excel, and PDF.

If you will be renting a vehicle you will be asked to supply the following:

  • Every driver or potential driver (minimum of 2) must submit a copy of their Driver’s License, DMV Driving Record, vehicle insurance card. Further instructions are located in that section of the form.
If you are using Cookie Reward Cards to pay for your trip, you will be asked to submit the girl name(s), card number(s) and PIN(s) and value of any card you want to redeem. (Please note this takes 4-6 weeks to process and can delay your approval)
If your trip requires Additional Insurance, please be ready with your Bank Routing Number and Bank Account Number for payment. Insurance is required for all Non-Girl Scouts, when you trip is 3-nights or longer (Plan 2), when traveling out of the state of California (Plan 3E), or when travening Internationally (Plan 3PI). Personal Insurance (Plan 3P) is available for participants who do not have their own personal health insurance plans.
You may want to choose to be able to Save and Return (see below). This will allow you to begin completing the form and return to it later if you need to gather additional information. If you use this feature we recommend using your email as login and troop number as password.
We have divided this form into a few pages to make it easier to read so make sure you click the next button at the end of a page. But it is actually SHORTER than it used to be.
**Please note a change in the travel approval process: This one form gathers ALL the information the council needs about your trip. You do NOT need to complete additional forms for additional insurance, vehicle/driver information, etc. as you might have done for past trips or activities.

Save & Return

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Let's begin!

Will your troop be traveling internationally? *
Will your troop be participating in any high adventure activities? Please refer to Safety Activity Checkpoints to determine if it is a high-adventure activity. For example, CAMPING is always considered a high-adventure activity. *
Will your trip be for three nights or longer?
Please select the choice that applies to your trip or activity: *
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