Event and Trip Insurance Enrollment Plans

Before completing this form, please look at the Activities at a Glance and the Safety Activity Checkpoints to see if your activity is considered "high-adventure". Activities such as hiking, camping, horseback riding require that a Trip or High-Adventure form (T/HA form) be submitted at least 2-3 weeks prior to the event. The T/HA form ensures that your troop meets all the safety requirements as described in the Volunteer Essentials and qualifies your activity as a council-approved, supervised Girl Scout activity.

Proceed with this form if you have already verified that your activity is not on high-adventure list and you need additional insurance for ANY person-girl, sibling, adult or anyone who is not currently registered as a Girl Scout member who will be participating at your meeting, trip, or any other Girl Scout gathering. You will need to purchase additional insurance to cover this person or people. Note that if an adult will supervise girls, she/he must register and complete the adult background check.

Lastly, be sure to read the Current Covid-19 Guidelines for GSNorCal Members to find our most recent updates regarding in-person activities.

What Insurance Do I Need?

Why do you need insurance? Choose one: *
Is your activity considered "high-adventure"?
A list of high-adventure and forbidden activities can be found in the Volunteer Essentials. Please remember that a trip or high-adventure activity approval form must be submitted if your activity falls under this category. To be sure, you can reference the Activities at a Glance document, which can be found in the Forms area of our website.
ACTION: Choose Plan 2 or Plan 3E insurance
What is the difference between Plan 2 and Plan 3E insurance?
Plan 2 provides supplemental coverage for accidents during a Girl Scout activity or event, and is required for any child or adult participating in an Girl Scout activity or event who is NOT a registered GSNorCal member. It also provides supplemental coverage for all participants (members and non-members) traveling within the Unitied State for three (3) nights or longer. The cost for Plan 2 is $0.11 (eleven cents) per person per day; however, there is a minimum premium of $5.00.
Plan 3E provides supplemental coverage for accidents AND sickness during an approved Girl Scout activity or event. GSNorCal recommends that everyone traveling out-of-state for an approved Girl Scout trip is covered by the Plan 3E insurance plan instead of just Plan 2. In addition to providing coverage for accident and sickness, it also provides some coverage for return transportation expenses in case a participant must return home due to and accident or sickness. The cost is $0.29 (twenty-nine cents) per person per day; however, there is a minimum premium of $5.00.
Troop Overnight or Trip lasting 3 nights or more
Submission of the Trip or High-Adventure form is required for all troop overnights and for all troops that are traveling. If your troop is doing either one of these activities, please stop here and complete the trip or high-adventure form. It includes a section where you can purchase the required insurance.
Do you need Plan 3P?
Plan 3P provides coverage for groups with one or more participants who do not have PRIMARY personal family insurance during an approved Girl Scout trip or event. 

Plan 3PI provides coverage for accidents and sickness during an approved international Girl Scout trip. 
International Travel
Submitting a trip or high-adventure approval form is required for all international trips. Kindly stop here, and complete the online trip or high-adventure approval form

If you need to request more than one insurance plan, please submit a separate form.
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