Entrepreneurship Money-Earning Application

In order to maintain our council’s non-profit status, we monitor the types of money-earning projects completed by girls, what the girls’ plans are for using the funds, and collect data on the program benefits girls receive when they participate in the activity.

Troops are encouraged to participate in the Fall Take Action and Cookie Programs as the foundation of the Girl Scout Entrepreneurship Progression and their primary money-earning activities.  Additional money-earning activities may not be scheduled to take place, or marketed to communities, during the annual Fall Take Action or Cookie Program dates. 

Troop Info

Program Level  
Prior Participation in Product Program


4. Where will the money‐earning activity take place?
7. Will you be soliciting for in‐kind gifts, services, and/or sponsorship?
8.  Has the troop/group previously participated in money‐earning activities?   *
What money-earning activities did your troop particiapted in? *

Monetary Plan

Fall Take Action Program Budget

Troops earn 20% proceeds on total dollars sold – all products included. Proceeds typically reconcile every December after the program ends.

Cookie Program Budget

Troops earn between $0.75-$1.00 per package sold. Proceeds typically reconcile every April after the program ends.

Additional Money-Earning Budget

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Published/Updated August 4th, 2021

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