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Multiple Meeting Request (example:  1st & 3rd Mondays for the months of September-May)
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For each site, please mark all facilities desired.  Capacities are noted.
A Girl's Place
Hayward Cabin
Rainbow's End

Keys For continuous rental you will be issued a key for the period of your reservation. Please return key within five days of your last troop/group meeting to:

Girl Scouts of Northern California
Attention Property Registrar
1310 S. Bascom Avenue
San Jose, CA 95128

Troop/Group Meeting Usage Contract


This agreement is by and between the Girl Scouts of Northern California (GSNorCal) and

for the rental of

The Rental Group agrees to rent the site on the terms set forth in this agreement.

1. Event Description: The Rental Group certifies that the Rental Group will us the site listed above for their troop/group meeting.

2. Number Attending: The maximum number of people to attend this event is

3. Rental Period: The rental is for the period of

on the following

4. Rental Fees: Rental fees are waived for troops that complete an approved site service project. Service projects must be

approved by the Senior Director of Property and/or the Property Site Manager. Troops that choose not to participate in the

service project will be charged a maintenance fee.

5. Cancellations: Troops must notify the Property Reservations department if they will not be using the site for any of the time

periods listed above.

6. Cleaning and Damage: The Rental Group is responsible for cleaning the entire site (unit). Any and all expenses incurred by

GSNorCal as the result of the rental group’s use of the site including breakage of dishes or other damage to the site or

property will be billed to the Rental Group and shall be due and payable immediately. GSNorCal is not responsible for any

belongings or items stored, left, or damaged at the site.

7. Publicity: In all publicity, programs or announcements of any kind, the Rental Group agrees not to publicize the event as

sponsored by GSNorCal, unless prior arrangements have been made. GSNorCal reserves the right to review any publicity to

be used in connection with the use of any GSNorCal properties.

8. Supplies and equipment: The Rental Group is responsible for supplying all food and activity supplies. GSNorCal assumes no

responsibility for rental items from outside rental agencies.

9. Responsible Party: The designated on‐site Rental Group leader is responsible for the supervision of the group and the

behavior of all participants. The Rental Group may not engage in activities and/or behaviors that, in the judgment of

GSNorCal, may damage the public image of the Girl Scouts (e.g. public nudity on the site, use of pornographic materials is

prohibited). Questions about the appropriateness of activities should be referred to the Property Manager at the GSNorCal


10. Specialized Activities: Supervision of specialized activities is the responsibility of the Rental Group, unless noted in this


11. Health Care: The Rental Group is responsible for the provision of health care, first aid, and emergency transportation if

needed for their participants.

12. Compliance with Girl Scout and Other Regulations: The Rental Group will comply with all applicable laws, local safety and

fire regulations, and Girl Scout regulations, including (i.e. NO pets, alcohol, drugs, fire arms, etc.)The capacity of the site is

set by California law and shall not be exceeded. The designated on‐site Rental Group leader is responsible for ensuring that

all participants are oriented to the safety rules as they apply to the site.

13. Entire Agreement: This Rental Agreement is the entire agreement between the Rental Group and GSNorCal for the

designated rental and supersedes all prior agreements.

Rental Group

Emergency Contact (not on site)

Published April 14th, 2014

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