Troop Number Request Form

Are you starting a new troop? Request your new troop number by submitting this form.

While we are processing your troop number request, you will receive an email with next steps to:

  1. Complete membership registration.
  2. Complete an electronic background check.
  3. Start your online basic training for new Troop Leaders.

Once you are a registered member and your background check has been approved by GSNorCal,

  1. Your volunteer role as Troop Leader or Troop Admin will become official and you will receive your new troop number.
  2. Your troop will then be displayed on the Troop Catalog as an available option for new families registering for Girl Scouts.

Troop Members

Girl Scout troops need to be large enough to provide a cooperative learning environment, but small enough to allow development of individual youth. That’s why all new troops are set to welcome 12 girls, GSUSA’s research-backed recommended troop size.

When a new member selects to join your troop, and membership registration is completed, the registered troop leader(s) or Troop Admin(s) will receive an email with the new girl's name and parent/guardian contact information. When all available youth spaces have been filled your troop will be removed from the Troop Catalog. Available volunteer roles will always display on the Volunteer Catalog.

All volunteer roles require the completion and approval of a Criminal Background Check with Motor Vehicle Record. Once a volunteer role is selected and registration is complete, a personal invitation will be sent to each member from our vendor Sterling Volunteers. The email will come directly from with the subject “Invitation From Girl Scouts of Northern California.” Once a background check has been reviewed and approved by GSNorCal, the role will become active.

Our staff will contact you to answer questions and offer assistance, but if you have questions regarding the status of your form please contact our Community Specialists at or 800-447-4475 ext. 2093

Troop Details: Tell us about your troop

There are two different types of troop volunteer teams. Please select one option that best fits your new troop, Traditional Troop or Co-Op Troop.

Volunteer Roles

  • Troop Leader
  • Assistant Troop Leader
  • Troop Treasurer
  • Troop Helper
  • Troop Cookie Chair
  • Troop Fall Product Program Manager
  • Troop Trip and Outdoor Coordinator

Volunteer Roles

  • Troop Admin
  • Troop Program Coordinator
  • Troop Treasurer
  • Troop Helper
  • Troop Cookie Chair
  • Troop Fall Product Program Manager
  • Troop Trip and Outdoor Coordinator

Let new families know what they can expect if they join your troop by indicating your troop’s interests and volunteer needs below

Troop Interests: (Select a minimum of 3 interest areas) *
Grades *
Does your troop speak another language other than English?
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We will include the following information in your troop's description for prospective members:

  • the interests you checked above;
  • your leadership model
  • whether you are open to the community or for a specific school;
  • your meeting day, time, and frequency.
  • grades served
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