National Delegate Nomination Form


The Board Development Committee will prepare a slate of National Delegates and Alternates from submitted applications. Once elected, these National Delegates serve for three years, and attend the national council meeting in October 2020. National Delegates also serve as Voting Members of Girl Scouts of Northern California.

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Nominee Information

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Are you a United States citizen (a national requirement to be a delegate)? *
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I am a current member of Girl Scouts of Northern California. I will register again for the 2020-2021 membership year on/before October 1, 2020. *
Are you available to attend the National Council Meeting from October 21-25, 2020 in Orlando, Florida? *
Are you willing to attend preparatory meetings or conference calls? *
Are you willing to share your experience at the National Council Meeting upon your return from the meeting? *
Have you previously attended a National Council Meeting? *
As a National Delegate? *
Have you served or do you currently serve as a Girl Scouts of Northern California Service Unit Delegate or Delegate-at-Large? *
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