Gotpoo Pet Waste Pick-up Service Application for Employment

Gotpoo is seeking someone who loves dogs, is trustworthy, works well on their own, respects others, is courteous, a safe driver, punctual and honest. Someone who can lift up to 40 pounds, can walk up to 4 miles, is comfortable around dogs and people. Doesn't melt if rained on and is not afraid to work outside. Work consists of driving company vehicle on a route, using specialized tools to pick up dog poop from yards and hauling it to the transfer station for disposal. 5 weekly routes averaging over 15 stops per route. You are paid per stop. Bonuses include doggie kisses, snuggles and licks... oh, and sometimes even tips!

Gotpoo is a local Idaho Falls company, founded on the principals of integrity, courtesy, excellence and helpfulness. We have consistently been delivering these principals to our customers and community since 2010. We take pride in being thorough and efficient in our work. We have a deep love of animals and especially dogs. We respect property and privacy. This is our mission statement and if you can relate in every way than you may be a qualified candidate for employment.

To ensure proper consideration, please fill in the information below as completely and accurately as possible. Thank you for considering Gotpoo!

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