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Assistant Camp Director:
The Story School Asssistant Camp Director will be shadowing the camp director and sharing in all roles and responsibilities allowing them to step into the various duties and tasks while the camp director is taking on other responsiblitilies.
 - Supervision of all camp positions under the camp director
 - Counselor review and conflict management
 - Camper conflict management
 - Camper check-in, check-out, and registration issues
 - Logistical support to plot, game, and NPC roles (should be willing and able to play camp characters)
 - Supporting the nurse as a healthcare supervisor
 - Preferred candidates are ones with previous camp admin experience, a childlike sense of wonder, and the ability to stay organized in the midst of villain monologues, goblin battles, and camper emotions
Logistics Director:
The Story School Logistics Director is the "Stage Manager" and "Game Master" for the epic adventures of Wizards & Warriors and Zombie Summer camp. They are responsible for keeping the game going, making sure all the right creatures are in the right spaces, and adapting the game and story to the autonomous choices of our heroes (campers).
 - Supervision of logistics assistant and monster campers (counselors-in-training playing NPC roles)
 - Review and feedback for Monster Campers 
 - Organization of props and costuming and management of those resources
 - Coordinating live time the game modules and NPC roles
 - Reviewing and writing scripting for the NPCs and game modules
 - Overseeing the setup and adjustment of scenes and modules for encounters
 - Preferred candidates are ones with previous experience with stage management or camp administration and should enjoy roleplaying games, escape rooms, and the beauty in chaos.
Thank you for your interest in our Assistant Camp Director position. We are currently looking to bring on an assistant camp director for part-time work leading up to the summer assisting with camp sales and admin responsibilities. Let us know if you would like to be considered for this position as well. *
Thank you for your interest in our Day Camp Director position. We are currently looking to combine this position with a year-round sales and event coordinator position. Please check here if you would like to be considered for that position as well. *
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