The Story School Online Party/Media Agreement

This online Event Agreement is required for scheduling an Online Party. If you are trying to book any other Event please use the Event Agreement.  You MUST be 18 years or older to sign/submit this form AND be the party financially responsible for the event. 

Directions:  Under the "Event Title" field, please input the title of the event (please include name of the host) or the title of party you are scheduling.

By executing this Event Agreement, the undersigned acknowledges that they understand that the party will take place over the internet using a 3rd party conferencing platform.  As such, The Story School has no control over the technology of the guests or the host and will not bear any responsibility for technology problems of the guests or the host.  We will make all efforts we can to help during the event but we will not be liable for any failure to connect. There will be no refunds for participants that are unable to connect. 


All Fields are Required and Must Be Completed to Continue on the Form

Please Note: a conversation with a representative for The Story School is required before completing this form to ensure accuracy. You can reach us at (781) 214-1174
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