This form is for scheduling ministry meetings and church events at any of Bates Memorial Baptist Church Facilities and must be completed/submitted at least TWO WEEKS PRIOR to the EVENT. The Administrative Office will contact you within 2 business days with confirmation via an email or phone call. No advertising or finalization of plans should be made until your request has been approved and placed on the church calendar.
Requested Facility Location: (620 Lampton St.)
Requested Equipment:
Requested Facility Location: (619 Lampton St.)
Requested Facility Location: (728 Lampton St.)
610 Breckinridge St.
Room Set-Up (Tables and chairs will be placed in the standard classroom style unless otherwise specified.)
KITCHEN PROCEDURES: If the kitchen is requested at our 620 Lampton location and you plan to use the stove or need (pots, pans, napkins, eating utensils, &, etc.) please contact Jowanda Duckworth at 502-649-4038 or Nita Jackson at 502-608-2608 with details at 3 days prior to your event. They will make sure these items are available to you. Upon leaving, used items/utensils must be washed, dried and placed on the large island located in the center of the kitchen with the floor being mopped if necessary. Due to sanitary reasons, absolutely NO food, beverages, or personal cooking utensils are to be left in the cooler; please take them with you or they will be disposed of. Also, as a safety precaution, it is mandatory that close-toed shoes be worn.
Facility/Classroom Procedures: Only occupy the space that you are assigned to use. Clean-up for all facilities include returning the space to the same order in which you arrived. No eating or drinking is allowed in the classrooms or hallways.
Thank you: Your diligence in compliance with these requests is greatly appreciated.