High Definition Television Survey

This survey is an academic research project designed to support a study about High Definition Television. This survey is anonymous. Survey data will be merged together and summary statistics will be published.

Thank-you for taking the time to fill this out, and thanks for helping me with my studies.

I own my own residence:
I own a personal computer:
I own a personal computer with a high-speed Internet connection:
I receive television via a cable company:
I have heard the term 'High Definition Television.'
I understand the term 'High Definition Television.'
I am aware of television programs that are broadcast in high-definition.
I own a VCR.
I receive television via satellite.
I now own a high-definition television set.
I watch sports on television (in high-definition or standard definition).
I am aware of local television stations that broadcast in high-definition.
In the future, I will purchase a high-definition television.
I own a home-theatre type audio system.
I own a DVD player.
The next television I will purchase will be a high-definition television.
I receive broadcast television via an antenna.
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