How good are your out-of-hospital summative testing scenarios?  Do they have great inter-rater reliability?  Scenario-Based Evaluation is essential to summative exams for EMS professionals. But creating valid and reliable scenarios can be a serious challenge.  Join NAEMSE, iSimulate, the Prehospital Care Research Forum, EMSEd, and Public Safety Group in a hands-on active research project during the NAEMSE symposium.  This pre-hospital scenario will challenge a Paramedic student’s ability to manage a scene while assessing a patient and completing a differential diagnosis.  Submit/upload your summative scenario by 5/30/19. To qualify the summative scenario MUST be submitted on the NREMT Summative Scenario Lab Template along with any supporting images (NREMT Summative Scenario Template). This is to ensure consistency and is part of the research component. A committee of blinded PCRF educators will score and select the top (3) to be piloted during the NAEMSE annual symposium in the exhibit hall. NAEMSE attendees will observe, score, and vote for the best scenario.  A team of researchers will review the results and select the winner of the most psychometrically valid and reliable scenario. 

The scenario will be designed and facilitated to ensure the highest fidelity by utilizing a live role player in a prehospital setting which will evaluate a paramedic’s ability to manage an EMS call from the scene (operational) and patient assessment perspectives. 

The scenario will assess the Paramedic’s ability to:

  1. Organize and manage their EMS team
  2. Assess scene safety/security 
  3. Determine the patient’s mechanism of injury/nature of illness
  4. Perform a patient assessment
  5. Complete a differential diagnosis of the patient

The developer of the best scenario will receive registration, two nights hotel accommodations, and airfare to attend the 2020 NAEMSE Symposium.  They will also win an iPad furnished by NAEMSE Diamond Sponsor iSimulate.

There will be an opportunity for the NAEMSE symposium attendees who observe the Standardized Patient Scenario Challenge finals being held in the exhibit hall to vote for their favorite scenario using their smartphones.

The developer of the scenario determined to be the “Fan Favorite” through this voting process will receive a 2020 NAEMSE Symposium registration. Additionally, the developer of each scenario that is entered into the challenge whether selected for the finals or not will be entered into a drawing for a free registration for the 2020 NAEMSE Symposium courtesy of iSimulate.

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