Online Learning Test Instruction Form


This form must be completed by instructors whose courses require proctored testing.  The form is required for electronic submission. There is no need to print and submit paper forms.  A separate form must be submitted for each exam given.  Complete the form, providing all requested details, including dates for the exam, time allowed, any special instructions, etc. Be sure to indicate if the exam will be administered on paper or online. For online exams, a password must be provided. Passwords are case sensitive and may not contain any special characters. If you are administering an exam other than the types listed on the form, you must obtain permission from the online learning department prior to the first testing date.

At the bottom of the form, you will find a link to upload the exam and any other materials necessary for the administration of the exam. Unless the department is providing the exam, every test instruction form needs to have the exam uploaded - even if using the same exam from a previous semester. In cases where the department will provide the exam, please indicate by checking the box under the exam upload box.

In addition to completion of this form, be sure to provide your students with all the information they need both to schedule and take their proctored exams.

Any questions regarding proctored testing, contact Valarie Clymer at or call 610-332-6089.

Instructions for picking up completed proctored exams:

Exams must be personally picked up at the library if you live within a 35 mile radius of either NCC’s Main or Monroe Campus. In the event that an exam needs to be sent from one campus to the other for pickup, it will be sent in a secure interoffice bag.  If you live further than 35 miles from either campus, exams may be held for Valarie Clymer who will pick them up and scan to you.  Exams are not allowed to be mailed.  If you would like a representative to pick up your exam, permission must be given in writing to the library.  Check the website for library hours at or call the Mack Library at 610-861-5360 and the ESSA Library at 570-369-1810.